Why hire a wedding planner?

So what are the top reasons for hiring a wedding planner?

Its your big day – why shouldn’t everything be perfect?

Weddings are a huge investment in time and money and given everything you are going to put into it you deserve to have the perfect day!  In the future, your memories of your wedding should be of the best, happiest day of your life. We make sure that your wedding is the day you dreamed of and ensure that all your effort isn’t for nothing by coordinating everything to perfection on the big day. Weddings are meant to be enjoyable. You can save your sanity and your relationships! You and your partner should be free to enjoy every special moment of your engagement and your wedding day.  It’s a special time that doesn’t come around all that often!  Turning into a stressed out bride isn’t fun for you or your loved ones and weddings a notorious for putting strain on relationships. A wedding planner has the time, skills and knowledge in order to look after all the hard bits on your behalf, taking the pressure off you and your loved ones  – after all, aren’t weddings supposed to be fun? You should be able to enjoy every second of your wedding day experience.  Give yourself, your partner and your loved ones the most precious wedding gift of all – sanity! Unless you work in the wedding industry you are probably going to spend months looking for the right suppliers You want the best you can afford on your special day, and finding the perfect supplier among the hundreds out there can be a mammoth task.  Knowing who to trust and who is right for you is challenging.  Jac can recommend trusted, quality suppliers that are the perfect fit for you.  We have suppliers that we work with regularly that can give you discounts, but we can also search high and low for that elusive, perfect product or service by using our databases and networks. You won’t need to worry about forgetting something. Every bride says that one of the most stressful elements of the planning process suddenly remembering what you had forgotten at the last minute.  Then there’s the ‘to-dos’ you don’t remember until the actual day – panic!   Wedding checklists are long! So its no surprise that brides and their loved ones are often running around in the final hours making payments, picking up items, confirming suppliers and dealing with unforeseen issues.  Jac will ensure nothing is missed.  We keep track of your deadlines and remind you when things need to be done or decided on, and we can even do them all for you! Wedding planners save you time The average couple spends well over 200 hours planning their special day.   Darling Don't Panic are here to save you time and energy by suggesting vendors who actually suit your needs. Instead of sitting in front of the internet for hours sourcing different venues and vendors and attending 100's of bridal expos – the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is pick from a short list of suitable suppliers and venues. Busy people can’t necessarily spare the time for a wedding to take over their lives. If you work, it can be pretty tough trying to plan a wedding around vendors who operate during business hours. With many wedding vendors open only during regular business hours, some transactions and conversations must be made between 8 AM and 5 PM. Even if works not the issue, what about all your other hobbies and obligations? With Darling Don't Panic you can still choose to be hands on in the wedding planning, but are a lot more likely to stay sane.  Or you can just hand it all over to us . If you desire a wedding that’s a little special, a little different, or a little detailed, ask yourself if you have the time to dedicate to creating it. Having a wedding planner is like having a personal assistant whose sole responsibility is doing all the running around for your wedding. A wedding planner can save you  money.  Really. Couples tend to overspend.  Its easy done, and what wedding budget doesn’t get out of control.  By the time you are halfway through wedding planning, the budget is usually getting a little out of control We can help you to set your budget and stick to it. We will help you to figure out what the priorities are for you – perhaps they are flowers, the dress and the food, and then what you can cut back on. We are also experts in advising you on DIY projects you can undertake to help your budget along! One of the hardest thing you will find when planning your wedding is finding the best price, especially if you have no expectations about what things cost. When you hire a wedding planner they are there to do all the negotiating for you – to ensure you get the right price and not the 'wedding' price. A wedding planner can and will stick to your budget. Their expert advice, recommendations of suppliers and their cost-saving tips will ensure you do not go over budget and can sometimes even save you money. Venue coordinators aren’t wedding planners! There’s some wonderful venue coordinators out there, and some take on an element of event planning.  They generally take care of a range of venue related logistics on your behalf and sometimes they can give you a list of recommended suppliers. However, a wedding planner goes beyond this.  Darling Don't Panic works for you not for the venue and can help you with ensuring a cohesive event from start to finish as well as matching you with the best vendors and suppliers that best suit you rather than those in partnership with the venue. We can help to make your ultimate vision a reality Whether you  know exactly what you want, have a vague idea or no idea at all, or even if you have your dream wedding completely mapped out on Pinterest, Jac will help you to define and create the style, feel and mood you want to create. We are constantly researching the latest trends and are surrounded by incredible vendors and beautiful weddings. We are also experts at visualising what will or won’t work with your chosen venue. Destination weddings can be challenging Planning a destination wedding has it’s pros, but it’s hard to organise suppliers that you’ve never met or imagine a space you’ve never seen in person. A wedding planner with experience in organising abroad weddings has a trick or two up their sleeve for getting the job done the way you want. It’s the planner’s job to do the research on marriage laws in that country. An example: France requires all couples to be residents of their country for 42 days before the ceremony; the average person wouldn’t know that. It’s up to us to obtain all the legally required documentation, passports, divorce certifications, birth certificates. Notarised declarations of never having been married before are a very popular document as well. Taking a random recommendation from an overseas vendor you don’t know can be very dangerous, as can making a deposit with someone you have never met! Sometimes, delegating to family and friends isn’t the best answer. Generally, when there’s a wedding in the works, friends and family really want to help.  However, often they don’t have the expertise, knowledge or relationships to make the best decisions and this can make it stressful for you and your loved ones. Sometimes, despite meaning well friends and family can even create more stress. We’ve seen it time and time again - input from a whole lot of different people can result  in a very confused and conflicted couple!   Weddings generally bring out the emotional side in everyone, and even when everyone is trying their best, relationships can get strained. In addition, most couples want their loved ones to enjoy the day and not be workers at their wedding. Darling Don't Panic can take it all off your plate so your friends and family can enjoy the experience with you.  And in a stressful family situation, we can support you as the neutral intermediary between you and everyone else, supporting your vision with our expert advice. With all the ideas and inspiration out there, sometimes it’s hard to focus. We are surrounded by wedding inspiration from Pinterest to wedding blogs to magazines, the perfect day, exciting details are everywhere.    It can be completely overwhelming.  You might have a vision, but its getting a little cluttered by all these new ideas that keep flooding in. Darling Don't Panic will careful select the ideas and details that suit you and your vision and your budget to ensure you day is beautiful and cohesive. Wedding planners can understand and interpret your vision Whatever it is, we want to help you to make it happen! We will work with you to understand what you want and then work with your vendors and suppliers to make it happen.  If there’s something that you want that doesn’t quite fit or work, we can help you to turn it into a better idea that’s perfect for you. The unexpected happens at almost every event. Where weddings and events are concerned, unexpected things happen.  Every time. But if you have a wedding planner, you won’t even know about them.  Do you want to spend your special day trying to order more heaters because the temperature dropped unexpectedly or organising an extra place setting for the great aunt who turned up but didn’t RSVP? What about the wedding car with a flat tire?  Let Darling Don't Panic worry about it. We are also experts at preventing the untoward happening.   We have insight that comes from living and breathing weddings and events and can foresee issues before they occur. Having the same wedding as everyone else is a waste of your time and money Why spend hours and dollars creating a wedding where guests feel they have seen it all before and are checking their watches by 10pm? If its not the wedding you want, and its not a wedding your guests will enjoy, why are you forking out so much money to have it? If you want a wedding that stands out and is impressive, personal and fun for everyone you loved, Darling Don't Paniccan help you to achieve it. There’s vendors and suppliers out there that you didn’t know existed. Sometimes it pays to be in the wedding industry.  At Darling Don't Panic we have a huge contact list of vendors and suppliers.  From secret, unique venues through to boutique one of a kind suppliers, we can help to ensure you are connected with the best. They are a wonderful source of advice and can help you to make the tough decisions. At Darling Don't Panic we don’t muck around if you ask for our advice.  If you want our expert opinion on something that’s been bothering you, keeping you awake at night or causing a disagreement between you and your partner or you and your partner, we will give you our expert opinion so that you can use our advice to move on and proceed with the fun stuff! There’s the perfect package for every budget. Wedding Planners aren’t just for big, expensive weddings. At Darling Don't Panic, we aren’t here to service only couples who are having big, expensive weddings.  We can tailor a package to suit your budget and, more often than not, all things told you can save some money in the long run. You can have your day your way. While Jac can guide you, ultimately, we are here to be guided by you! We are experts in creating your perfect day, not our day, or anyone else. You can have as much or as little input as you like and no two weddings are the same. Its our job to ensure that we are working on your behalf to personalise and tailor our services to your needs and ensure whatever you are dreaming of becomes a reality. Not like this.....