Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways in Australia

Australia is a country that covers 7,686,850 km2 (2,967,910 sq mi), and the length of its coastline is 25,760 km (16,006 miles). Furthermore, it is a country rich with amazing mountains, rainforests and lakes. It also doesn’t lack in beautiful and friendly urban environments, so it is obvious that honeymooners have plenty of places to go. This plenitude of choices at the same time poses a problem. How to choose the best of them all? We can’t pinpoint the best place for you, but we can surely narrow it down to several ones, and make your job much easier. The Whitsundays The Land Down Under is packed with amazing beach destinations, and Whitsunday Islands are definitely among the best ones for a romantic and exhilarating honeymoon. Of the 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays, only eight of them are inhabited, and while you can stay on one of those eight, you can still go to a desert island and enjoy it with your partner in total privacy. If you are up for a more active honeymoon, you can try snorkelling or scuba diving. Tasmania Not all honeymooners want to spend the time of their lives on a picture-perfect beach. Some of them love the mystery of lush tropical forests, rugged mountains, green landscapes and besotting wildlife. Even though the rest of Australia doesn’t lack in these, Tasmania is the best place to truly satisfy your nature-loving serene getaway thirst. Some of the most fascinating places to visit here are Cradle Mountain, Marrawah, Grindelwald and Wineglass Bay. Barossa How do you imagine your honeymoon? Do you imagine yourself sipping beautiful wines with your loved one while sitting in a cottage and observing the beautiful sun-covered vineyards? Well, most couples do, because these are inherently romantic scenes everyone would love to be a part of. You can do all that in Barossa, and more. Besides wine tasting, you can try cycling, shopping, picnics, and heritage walk. Sydney What’s that? Visiting a big city on your honeymoon? No way. But when you think about it, Sydney has it all, from romantic secluded beaches and breathtaking views to gigantic shopping malls and world-class restaurants. However, if you are arriving from far away and you are flying to Australia, it can be a true hassle to get to the hotel from the airport. In that case, you should consider using the benefits of chauffeur airport transfers in Sydney. It’s your honeymoon and you don’t want any stressful situation to ruin your first impression of the most beloved city in Australia. Uluru Uluru offers one of a fascinating sunset in the world, which makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. Combine that with the legendary rock formation and you will get a picturesque scenery worth remembering. Here you can even spot the black-footed rock-wallaby and red kangaroo. You can choose to stay in the comfort of the resort, or leave that comfort zone and camp out under the stars. Kimberley If you are up for a quiet and awe-worthy honeymoon, you should look no further than the natural wonder – Kimberley. The Tidal Rivers transformed the Kimberley plateau into a true wonderland of phenomenal landscapes, rugged mountains, and photo-worthy gorges and waterfalls. You can enjoy the view from your lodge or truly dive into nature by hiking, cycling and touring the national park. The three must-sees of this destination are the Horizontal Falls, the Mitchell Falls, and Cape Leveque. The Great Barrier Reef Don’t think we’ve forgotten about this iconic Australian attraction. The Great Barrier Reef is famous for its astonishing beauty. The world’s largest coral reef system is your dream getaway since it offers panoramic views of deep clear blue waters, water activities that include snorkelling and diving, and simple, relaxing time on the pristine white beaches. While here, you can splurge on lavish accommodation and visit Lizard Island, Wilson Island and Dunk Island. Not all couples in the world have the same vision of the perfect honeymoon. For some, that is a beach vacation, while for others, that is a wildlife experience. Australia offers something for everyone, so check out these destinations and see where you can picture your loved one and yourself enjoying your first days as a married couple.