Wedding Moments You Want to Capture on Video

Your wedding will probably be one of the most important days of your life, and as such, will also be filled with moments you’ll want to remember forever. However, as our memory fades with time, the only way to truly preserve as much of those special moments as you can is to capture them on video. This way, you will have not only the image but also the sound, which can help you see the whole atmosphere and relive the emotions of that day. With that in mind, here are some of the moments you will definitely want to have on video.
The first look
The first look at your loved one is the moment that is hard to describe with words. It is filled with anticipation, excitement, joy, and love. Maybe you won’t even be aware of all your emotions at that moment, but capturing it on video will allow you to see them later on from a different perspective. It is truly something unique that you will love to replay over and over again.
The vows
The exchange of your vows is one of the most important moments of your wedding. Not just the words, but the emotions, the looks on your loved ones’ faces, the whole atmosphere… it’s not something you experience every day. Therefore, make sure to capture it so you can watch the video later and really take it in.
The toasts
The wedding toasts are unique expressions of how much you mean to your closest family members and friends. They can share why they love you and how your love inspires them, which can be very wise and emotional, but they can also tell a good joke or share a funny moment of your relationships. Either way, you’ll want to be able to relive the words and laughs.

The funny details
With so many friends and family members at the wedding, you can’t possibly catch all the little details and funny moments. Some friends may sing, and some might want to leave you a loving message or share a few words of wisdom that you will cherish forever. However, as you can’t be everywhere at once, it’s important for your videographer to catch those precious moments so you can watch them later. If you’re not sure which details your videographer should pay attention to, there are many great examples of wedding videography from Sydney that will surely inspire you.
The first dance
By capturing your first dance on video, you’ll be able to not just see the dance and emotions but also hear the music and feel the atmosphere. A photo would not be able to show how nicely your dress is flowing, or how elegantly you’re moving with the music, so by recording that magical moment on video, you’ll be able to see every detail.

The extras
You and your partner will be the stars of the show, but don’t forget about all the others that will make your special day even more memorable ‒ the bridesmaids, the best men, the flower girls, etc. It’s quite understandable if the only person you notice that day is your future spouse, but you’ll surely want to look back at the roles of the supporting characters in your wedding as well, and recording them on video is the perfect way to do that.
The exit
The best way to end the video is with a shot of your grand exit, whether you’re planning to leave in a chariot with beautiful white horses, or a luxurious limo. You’ll get to hear all the wishes of your guests and see their excitement, which you can only see a part of on photos.
Photographs are amazing for shooting beautiful scenes, and of course, they are also convenient because you can frame them and look at them whenever you want. However, they can’t capture sounds and motions, so you can only get a glimpse of all the excitement. Therefore, make sure to hire a good videographer who will capture all the details that will make your big day truly unforgettable.