If we know anything about Millennials it’s that they’ve formed a live-in galaxy of their own, lined with its own behavioral rules, oftentimes weird customs and a range of absolutely gorgeous aesthetics we all oh-so-enthusiastically look to copy whenever possible. Although we sometimes don’t understand the logic, dynamic and functionality behind some of their patterns, we certainly do love embracing what’s good and what feels right.
As weddings have always been that one thing all generations have in common, this time around we’re looking into Millennial wedding obsessions tempting enough to copy. The recent Millennial wedding trend leans heavily on minimalist aesthetics in virtually all spheres of their lives, weddings included.
Whether you are a Millennial yourself or belong to some other generation that finds Millennial trends super exciting, we’re presenting you with the best ways to steal minimalist Millennial wedding tricks and throw an unforgettable (minimalist) wedding bash! Stay with us for the intel…
Millennials and minimalism
As a generation that’s turned the existing world upside down and invented an overwhelming spectrum of behaviors, customs and rules to live by, Millennials are very appreciative of experiences rather than material goods and they collectively (with a few exceptions here and there) look to build a future of self and mindfulness rather than opulence and gluttony. In that tone, their embracing of minimal aesthetics comes as a logical choice. Instead of wasting valuable time on planning extravagant and luxurious weddings, they’ll rather go for something simple, personal and pretty toned down. This potentially has much to do with their approach to budgeting and saving, as well as the fact that they’re more about investing into relationships with their partners rather than investing a hefty buck into a ceremony that will soon be forgotten. Plus, Millennials are known as the generation that lacks patience, so simplicity is key.
The beauty of minimalist weddings
If you are one to enjoy a minimalist approach to your big day, here are a few tips taken straight from the Millennials that will help you throw an unforgettable ceremony.
Elegant minimalist invites
The first signal to the guests that your wedding is going to be different from the extravaganza they are used to is your wedding invitations. Set the tone of your wedding right by having your invitations done in black and white, a marble pattern, all white or adding an interesting twist to the invitations by focusing on typography. This way, your minimal wedding invitations will definitely set the tone for the entire wedding.

Transparent chairs
Not a usual choice for a wedding, but transparent chairs are an exceptionally thrilling option for everyone who wants to stay within minimalist décor expectations. Clear ghost-style chairs are a sleek and super cool alternative, especially if you are a couple of youngsters with guests who won’t mind the unpadded seats. Yes, we’re all used to having Chiavari chairs as the gold standard of wedding seats, but allow yourself to try something different.
A minimalist ceremony backdrop
Although usual wedding backdrops include exaggerated and extravagant arrangements, a minimalist wedding requires a simple setting upgraded only with elegant ornaments for maximum effect. To create an intimate atmosphere on your wedding, go with accent decor like scented candles or white minimalist lights. We love the idea of consulting wedding planners and decorators when it comes to nailing it with design – after all, these guys know everything there is to know about making a statement with proper décor.
A modern wedding dress
Before you pull out your yearly planner with all the wedding boutiques and dates laid out, consider going for something simpler when choosing your wedding dress. Instead of going for a traditional poofy wedding gown or the much-loved French lace, opt for a sharp white wedding dress. A modern silhouette goes a long way, especially if you are throwing a minimalist wedding. Add flowers to your hair or an interesting embellishment, and you’ll be good to go. If you’d love to include a vintage element into your wedding, wear your mom’s or grandma’s wedding dress, and update it just a bit so it agrees with your wedding style.

Minimalist photo backdrop
Unlike the usual, traditional photography we see at weddings, choosing a blank white wall as your canvas is a perfect option for minimalist photography. Add a pop of greenery and embellish it with modern metallic rings for a hint of excitement and – voila! Perfect!
We do hope this little tutorial helped and that you’ll soon find your own minimalist option for your big day. Do send us the photos, okay?