Each wedding is unique, and you will go to great lengths to make sure yours is simply perfect. And while you want your wedding to be memorable and have moments that are special only to you, you should also take into considerations the traditions and clichés of the event. Classics carry that title for a good reason, and there are some traditions that you simply shouldn’t skip over. It might be something to do with your religion or heritage or just something that’s been a running theme in your family, but whether it’s a special garment you wear or a small event that will take place during the ceremony, here are the classics that should definitely be a part of your event.
After you’ve officially been pronounced husband and wife, and everyone settles into their seats at the venue, it’s the moment for anyone willing to say a few words. If you give them the heads-up, some people will work long and hard preparing a speech, but if you know that they will be willing and able, you can also ask them in the moment and let them just speak from the heart. Usually, speeches will be given by the parents and siblings, best men and maids of honor, and, of course, the newlyweds. It’s a moment not only to address your new spouse and express your love but also a moment for you to thank everyone else present and tell them how much their support means to you.

The first dance
One of the most beautiful moments of any wedding, right after the big “I do”, is the newlyweds’ first dance as husband and wife. However, many couples shy away from this tradition, afraid that their dancing skills are not exactly up to par. But there are many places where you can get lessons and learn the perfect choreography for the first dance. And if you think a simple waltz or quickstep is too boring, you can wow all of your guests by doing a contemporary piece. Glide into the room in a comfortable pair of jazz dance shoes and start your marriage off in style to a song you love, moving to the beat.
The first look
There is a saying that we all know about how it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. And while the superstition might not hold much water, it’s not completely dismissible either. This is the same reason why the bride and groom often don’t go shopping for the dress and suit together. Imagine not seeing your spouse-to-be for the entire wedding day, until that first look, seeing them completely dressed up and simply radiating. It is a moment you will never forget, and you will be forever thankful that you have them.

The wedding cake
More and more couples are opting for unique catering ideas for the big day. From ice trays piled high with the finest raw fish to wedding cakes being replaced by macaroon towers and cupcakes. And while variety in taste is greatly appreciated, there is something very special about seeing a three-tiered cake, with a topper representing the two of you – not to mention the fun tradition of cutting the first piece and feeding it to each other, as well as saving the top tier frozen for your first anniversary – if you have that kind of self-control! You can make it personal by incorporating different colors and shapes and, of course, a unique cake topper that is either a depiction of the two of you, or a funny scene.
Each of these traditions can be modified in a million different ways, and just because it’s a classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or done in the same way it’s been done a million times before. Take it and make it your own, simply taking inspiration from those who have done it in the past. After all – it’s your wedding, and you get to choose how everything goes.