Wedding Cake Alternatives Your Guests Will Love

There are some things that a wedding simply needs to have: a dress, flowers, speeches, gifts, cake… Or does it? More and more young people are answering that with a firm “no”, and simply doing things their own way - from venues your grandparents would never think of to entertainment, outfits and food choices beyond our dreams. One thing that’s seen plenty of changes is the universal wedding symbol: the cake. Some still have it, but today there are plenty of alternatives as well, so if you are thinking about switching it up a bit too, maybe some of these ideas will help:

Looks like cake, but isn’t

While many couples want to offer something different than a cake, there is still an amazing wow factor in seeing a big, tiered dessert. But it doesn’t have to be made out of cake. We’re getting creative and building towers out of donuts, cupcakes, pies, meringues and other sweets. Even an elegant croquembouche has seen a wedding ceremony or two. The desserts are either stacked directly on top of each other or placed on a tiered platter to achieve the wedding cake look. And if you still want something to cut into as a couple, you can place a single tier of cake on top and cut a piece for yourselves.

Ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream when we see something as creative and fun as this idea. Perfect for summer weddings (or perhaps a winter themed one too?), giving your guests a variety of ice cream to choose from and make their own combination will definitely be the star of the show, and very popular with your younger guests. You can easily find an ice cream store that will come to your wedding with an ice cream truck full of delicious flavors for your guests to choose from, including your favorites, whatever they may be. And instead of cutting the first slice, you can have the first scoop!


Do you want cake, but not exactly cake? That’s perfectly fine. The deliciousness of cake is not in question here, but the traditional presentation can leave a lot to be desired. However, if you opt for any other version of a cake, like cupcakes, cake pops or deconstructed cakes in individual glasses, you can not only have a unique presentation, but also a variety of flavors. Unlike a traditional cake where you have to stick to one flavor combination per tier, if you deconstruct it and make it smaller, you can combine the cake, the buttercream and the filling in so many different ways that every guest will find something they love.


As we come to pies, we can see a clear trend appearing: people want more variety in their dessert selection. And since you can fill a pie with virtually anything, you are well on your way to achieving that. Consider either a selection of pies filled with everything from fruit to chocolate ganache cut into slices for your guests, or make a series of mini-pies, so every guest can enjoy the wonderful flaky crust all the way around. You can also mix up the pastry by making a crumble, a puff pastry pie or other alternatives.

A little bit of everything

The best part is, you don’t have to decide on just one option. Make a dessert table that will feature everything you love from candy bars and milkshakes to cookies and cake – everything goes. Try to give the table a theme or tell a story, so it doesn’t feel like a bunch of sweets just thrown together. Maybe you can tell the story of your relationship, from something sweet you had on your first date, and then all the things you had throughout the years. Or you can make it an “around the world” theme, featuring different desserts from all over the world, placing a little flag into each one to show which culture it represents. And if you still want a traditional wedding cake – that is perfectly fine. Most of these ideas can also be used as additions to the cake. Just keep your options open, think about what goes with the theme of your wedding, and as long as you are happy with what’s on display and your guests leave full, that is all that matters.