Wedding Venues in Sydney.

Pier One

Pier One

This is a venue with an exceptional view and staff. Pier one is one of the most popular venues in Sydney and is strategically set up with rigging and truss for floral, chandelier and drape install. Couple amazing views with superb food for a one-of-a-kind waterfront wedding in Sydney

The Waterview

The Waterview in Bicentennial Park

Situated within the picturesque landscapes of Bicentennial Park, Waterview blends modern elegance with tranquil park and lake views, offering the ideal setting weddings
Boasting soaring ceilings, a large wrap-around terrace and an abundance of natural light, Waterview is surrounded by vast parklands, ponds, and lakes creating a picturesque landscape for your guests. 
The venue offers flexibility and versatility to every kind of wedding.


The setup logistics might be tougher on a boat but it was all worthwhile as you just get a totally different look and feel every time you do something different to a boat. The staff on Clearview and Captain Cook boat were extremely amazing to work with.

The Highline

This is a new venue but a fantastic one inspired by the 1920s.
With a design that is functional yet regal, over 4.5 metre high ceilings, grand 24k gold chandeliers, lavishly decorated ballrooms and elegant garden terraces, The HIGHLINE Venue invokes a wondrous and unforgettable experience.

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