Woman hands holding pink colored heart shaped gift boxes of bath and body products for bridesmaids, bride and as a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Christmas.

We don’t know about you, but we like to be prepared! While all of the details of your big day could be planned to a T, you may hit some unforeseen but not uncommon bumps in the road.

Just like that checklist to ensure you don’t forget any of the essentials before your holiday, you should do the same for your wedding day.

What is a wedding day emergency kit?

It’s your go-to supply of products in case of “emergencies” that seem obvious, but can be out-of-mind when preparing for your wedding day. 

So what exactly do you need? In this post we go through some of the top essentials for your big day and why they will be a lifesaver if you hit a bump such as a bridesmaid dress with a loose button, or ensuring your breath is fresh before walking down the aisle. Many of these items are also multi-use!

Bandaids: Seems like a no brainer right? While unexpected bumps and bruises may happen, bandaids are perfect to protect the backs of your heels if those shoes you thought were broken in happen to have other ideas in mind.

Feminine Products: Ahhhh mother nature. If you didn’t send her an RSVP, she might show up uninvited and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Double Sided Fashion Tape: Have a strapless dress that keeps slipping? Need to secure pesky straps? Fashion tape to the rescue!

Stain Remover Pen (or Wipes): Accidents happen and even if you may not need it, someone else is bound to! Keeping this close by will ease your mind if a spill manages to make its way into the evening.

Lint Roller: The last thing you want is that piece of fuzz or hair that makes its debut in all of your wedding photos. If needed, tape folded over on itself will give you a makeshift lint roller in a pinch!

Clear and colored nail polish: Have your nail polish (or a close shade) on hand in the event your manicure chips. Someone snag a pair of pantyhose? Clear nail polish will help prevent the snag from running and spreading further.

Hairspray: Not only for keeping those curls in perfect form, but it’s great to nix static with dresses or tights!

Oil Blotting Papers: You want that bridal glow, but oil is not your friend. Having blotting papers on hand as well as a translucent powder will help absorb shine throughout the day.

Hand-held Steamer: Although you may have had your wedding dress steamed and pressed before the wedding, a travel size steamer is great to have on hand for the rest of your bridal party (goodbye wrinkles!)

Other items to include: sewing kit, chapstick, pain relief, toothbrush, mints, earring backs, safety pins, and snacks.

Have a married friend or family member? Ask for their advice on what they packed in their emergency kit, or what they wish they would have packed. Whatever will make you feel at ease on your big day, don’t be afraid to include it!

The Darling Don’t Panic team each have their own wedding day kit, featuring all of these items and much much more!