What’s your planning personality?

Female party decorator arranging decorations for a child birthday party

SUPER PLANNER: Totally organised with a wedding planned to perfection but in need of help to ensure it unfolds seamlessly on the day.

BUSY BEE: Time-poor and unable to dedicate hundreds of hours to planning a perfect day.

THE NON-PLANNER:  Spending your spare time budgeting,  managing suppliers, creating wedding day timelines and fiddling with colour palettes is not your idea of a good time.

CITY CHIC: A city bride dreaming of a gorgeous country affair but lacking local contacts and knowledge.

HALFWAY THERE: You know exactly what you want but are unsure how to achieve it or you're not overly excited about  planning it.

A LITTLE HAZY:  Certain your wedding should be something incredible, but unclear on what that something is.

THE FAR AWAY BRIDE: Planning a wedding in a location a long way from home.

LOST IN WEDDING LAND: Overwhelmed by all the options and opinions & in need of some guidance.

ON THE HUNT: Needing assistance with finding that perfect venue, vendor or supplier.

PINAHOLIC: Obsessed with swoon-worthy images and inspiration and incredible ideas and dreaming of making your Pinterest wedding a reality.

OUT OF THE LOOP: You love gorgeous weddings but you're not even sure what this Pinterest thing is.

BORED OF THE ORDINARY:  You are sick of every wedding being the same and are looking for ways to make your day memorable, personal, fun and/or unique.

PANICKED: The wedding is approaching fast and there's so many details left to organise.

If you relate to one or more of the above 'planning personalities', we are here to help.  Darling Don't Panic is your ultimate, unofficial bridesmaid, expert on call and personal assistant all rolled into one.  Our mission is to ensure your day is just the way you want it.