Every placement matters

At some stage of the wedding planning process (hopefully at the beginning) you will wonder if you need a wedding planner. 

The answer is yes!

When you get married you need a wedding planner like you need flowers, champagne and a sunny day. Basically a wedding planner is essential.

A wedding planner’s role includes many tasks including sourcing and booking vendors, styling and decorating, preparing timelines and budgets and arranging a million and one things you will need. An event planner will give you valuable advice that will save you heaps of precious time and money. You can use that extra money towards cocktails on your honeymoon! 

Wedding planners also take care of unexpected problems that may pop up with grace and calmness because they are used to dealing with bridal bumps in the road. Not to mention giving you emotional support when you need it. Trust us when we say you might need someone to hold your hand when Aunt Murtle turns up to the wedding wearing a purple feather fascinator bigger than a peacock tail.  

A wedding planner has super powers to foresee problems before they unfold and to fix other problems nobody else can (all before the bride or guests realize). 

That sounds like a pretty amazing person doesn’t it?

You can think of your wedding planner as your bridesmaid on the ground who has a degree in creating wedding magic. 

Even if you are a really hands-on bride and want to do a lot of the planning yourself you still need a planner.

You can compare hiring a wedding planner to having insurance. If something does happen to go wrong (you’ve seen those reality TV shows where the bride’s dress doesn’t fit and the guests arrive at the wrong venue) your wedding planner will have a plan. Your super planner will have a solution, a smile and the wedding day will turn out beautifully. 

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