If you’re wanting to switch it up from the traditional cutting cake that everyone enjoys a slice from, we’re giving you some sweet dessert table alternatives for your big day!

Cakes, cookies, candy, and more, there are so many ways to treat your guests during dessert time!

A single cutting cake

While it’s tradition to have a three-tier cake, you’d be surprised to find out that sometimes there can be a lot of waste (either from how the cake is cut, or if more slices are cut and set out than guests eat, they are usually tossed due to health restrictions.) In order, to avoid any waste and offer a variety of desserts to choose from, or consider having a small, single cutting cake for you and your spouse, and then an assortment of treats laid out on the
dessert table such as brownies, macarons, cupcakes, and more, the possibilities truly are endless!

Mini pies

These are a fun, tasty treat and give you the option to have a variety of flavors for your guests to choose from if they want a quick pick me up before hitting the dance floor.

Donut wall

Want to get creative? Get a pegboard to display different flavors of donuts for your guests. You can even customize this board with lights or your new last name or whatever may fit into your theme! Want to step it up a notch? Have a donut tower in place of your traditional cake!

Candy bar

This one is a fabulous dessert table alternative because it allows you to create a fun, build-your-own experience for your guests. Offer a candy bar for a dessert table that displays a variety of candies. You can also have goody bags on the table for your guests to fill up before they leave the reception (a dessert and favor table all in one!)

Ice Cream

Ice cream is becoming more and more popular to offer at receptions as an option for dessert. Whether an ice cream station (like building your own sundaes), an ice cream truck, this sweet treat in a cup or a cone will not disappoint!

Dessert Table Alternatives for the breakfast lover

If you are a lover of breakfast foods consider having mini waffles or pancakes with a drizzle of syrup or dollop of whipped cream for a tasty pick-me-up throughout the night.

Sweet and salty: Food truck for the late night snack

While a dessert table is fun for the cake cutting and to curb that sweet tooth, as the party goes into the hours of the night, you may want to treat yourself and your guests to a late-night snack!

That being said, a great dessert table alternative could be a food truck. This a fun option and a growing trend. Your options as to what you can serve are endless—from pizza to popcorn and more! Because there are so many different types of food trucks, you won’t fail to find something that everyone will love!

If you’re looking to go outside the box and considering some other dessert table alternatives from the traditional for your wedding day, consider one of these fun and unique options above!