Introducing Anastasia, our wedding planner in Bali

Our Wedding Planner in Bali, Anastasia


Bali area especially in southern Bali but possible to go North

When I was in senior high school, I joined a wedding planning company as a part time usher. Since that day, I am interested in wedding industry and want to know more about it. Fortunately the path that I chose led me here; I was graduated from hospitality management school and apparently this 2 industries are related so I am able to combine these 2 knowledge into something exceptional to give the best service possible to my clients. The main thing that interest me in this wedding planning thing is the dynamic environment where everything is different from one another. To encourage couples that being different is fine, their dream wedding is possible.

Bohemian. I love the warm tone, yet they can go colorful. I love how they blend with nature and make use of their surroundings.

1. Mulia Resort - This beachfront venue with white sands offer a wide view of Indian Ocean. I love this venue because they are just beautiful. Simple, clean, elegant. It represent the true luxury in simplicity where a simple decoration is enough to enhance the beauty of the venue. I brought 3 clients here and they all fell in love at the first sight. So that's the reason this venue is my holy grail. They have 2 chapels, 1 garden venue by the beach, 4 restaurants that you can use for welcome dinner, Grand Ballroom, Junior Ballrooms and 12 meeting rooms.

2. Tirtha Uluwatu - I love this venue simply because it's a chapel above the ocean. It is very famous among the Indonesian celebrity and many were married there around 2000s. They have like a glass deck for the cocktail hour and enjoying sunset. Tirtha uluwatu is a venue in japanese style, they can also hold a function for 150 pax maximum. If you are looking for a venue in a cliff, surrounded by water, with a simple minimalist style, this would be your go to place.

3. The Surga - It is a cliff venue, similar to Tirtha Uluwatu but they don't have chapel. They have a long water pathway and a wide pool where you can have your ceremony there. One thing I love about this place is their water wedding and a small garden that can contain up to 100 pax. It feels so intimate to have your wedding be held there.

4. The Royal Pita Maha - This resort located in Ubud, has a royal balinese architecture complete with their stone sculpture. It located on the edge of Ayung river and Ubud forest. I have my first wedding client in this place and I fell in love instantly; for their architecture, their nature, and their ambiance. Especially for it's weather, unlike southern part of Bali, Ubud is cooler and calmer. This would be a perfect place if you are looking for somewhere peaceful, less hectic, and blend in with the nature. Ubud is also known for its art & culture, which make it possible for you to learn more about Bali and its people. 

5. Rumah Luwih - Located in Ketewel near Bali Zoo, Rumah Luwih is a beachfront venue that has a Javanese Colonialist architecture. I love this place because it feels really like home. The layout of this place is designed like a vintage house, with a grand staircase in the middle of the lobby and direct access to the pool. They also has a very huge lawn area that can hold up to 300 pax. They don't have many rooms for the accommodation. So if you are interested with this venue, you might also have to consider the nearest accommodation and transportation for your guests.

WHAT MAKES YOU AN AWESOME WEDDING PLANNER :You know, I can be your wedding planner as well as your crazy friends (oh yeah, many of my clients had a proof that it's true). I am a very flexible person, if you are wild, I'm going wild with you. If you are a serious person, come on, I can make you less intense. After all, being intense is not good during your wedding as well as during preparation :DMy friends always say that I am a person of dedication. When something need to be done, I will do anything to make it done. I'm going extra miles not for the couple but also for their family and close relatives. The truth is, I take my job seriously and professional but, I am not that old-fashioned guy that thinks client is client. I want to be their friend too and help them in anyway I can. And that's what I am gonna do for all my couples.