Please sign our guestbook sign at wedding celebration held standing up in wooden stand. Flowers behind the message card and rustic old wood table with natural light.

Remember the last wedding you attended? You find the guest book table, try to come up with something creative that someone hasn’t already written about the couple, and then you think “are they ever going to look at this book again?”

While some want a traditional guest book (which we love!), there are some fun and creative ways for your guests to express their love and appreciation for you that will leave a lasting impression!

Say cheese!

You’ve hired a photographer to capture your big day. Your guests may sneak their way into some of the photos, but how fun would it be for you to look back on your day and remember that they were there? If you want to put a name to a face, this is the guest book for you!

Purchase a blank photo album,  markers, fun stickers or washi tape, and a Polaroid camera! Your guests can snap a photo, write their name and a note, and stick it in the album or hang it up on a board at the reception, creating a fun memory you can look back on to relive the day along with your professional photos!

Want to capture some shots in the moment? Leave a disposable camera at each table and get the film developed after the wedding!

Let’s play a game!

This fun guest book idea will bring back memories anytime you have a game night with family and friends! Purchase a game (like Jenga) or a puzzle and have each guest sign a piece. They can even write a note or fun memory they have with you as a couple! Now everytime you stack the pieces or complete the puzzle, you can reminisce on one of the best days of your life!

It’s date night!

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean date nights no longer exist. If you feel like you’ve done it all, we can assure you you haven’t! The best people to ask for ideas? Your guests!

Have your guests write a fun date night idea on a popsicle stick and stick it in a box. The next time you are at a loss of what to do for date night, draw from the box! This is also a great way to ensure you don’t fall into the same rut of dinner and a movie (although we agree this classic date night idea is still just as fun!)

Sign the photo!

If you love having photos of you two as a couple in your home but also want to remember all of the amazing people who celebrated with you on your big day, this signed photo idea is a beautiful way to capture that!

Have one of your favourite photos as a couple (or even your favourite engagement photo) printed on a canvas or pre-cut onto a mat in a frame, and have your guests sign the canvas or mat around the photo. A guest book you can hang in your home and look back on every day!