How to Plan A Destination Wedding

Photo by Ivan Babydov on Pexels

Fact: planning a destination wedding requires a lot more attention to detail. Now if that first sentence made you think “is planning a destination wedding really in the cards for me?” don’t let it deter you from having the wedding of your dreams because it can be done!

Below we’re dropping a few pointers to help ease the stress if a destination ceremony location is on your radar.

Get a planner...ASAP!

Now can a destination wedding be planned without a planner? Of course, it can, anything is possible. Do you want to take on a full-time job just planning your wedding? Maybe if you’ve always dreamt about being a wedding planner but most will say “to heck with that added stress!”

Hiring a wedding planner from the very start will be one of the best investments you’ll make, especially since there is an extra level of attention to detail needed. When looking for a planner, ensure that this person either has extensive experience when it comes to planning a destination wedding or is someone who resides in the location where you will be traveling to.

The benefit of hiring a wedding planner in your ceremony location is that they will know the area, and in turn, know the best vendors in the area and not just for the wedding day itself—it can also apply to local accommodations like nearby airports and transportation. They will have great connections and relationships established, and may even be able to hook you up with a discount or two!

Split the event in two

This option is great for both your wallet and your guests! If you’re wanting to have a destination wedding unless you plan on covering travel for your guests, a destination celebration may not be in the cards for them money wise. If you’re trying to find a way to include everyone without putting a financial burden on your guests or yourself, consider splitting your wedding into two parts: the destination celebration for your closest family and friends, and a larger ceremony/reception back home where more people can attend!

All-inclusive is the way to go

If you’re starting the search for a venue to host your destination nuptials, we highly recommend picking a venue that is all-inclusive. Think about all of the things you will need: tables, chairs, linens, food, etc. Remember that you’ll have to individually scope out and coordinate with those vendors.

If you book a ceremony and/or reception venue that is all-inclusive, you will pay one price that will include all of the necessary items for your wedding day, saving you money (who doesn’t love to save money?) Bonus points if the venue is also a hotel allowing you or your guests to block out rooms for their overnight accommodations! 

Whether you were in a planning rut, or are newly engaged just starting the destination planning process, bookmark this page to easily come back and refer to these tips. Bon voyage and congratulations!