Four Tips To Designing An Affordable Wedding Invitation Suite

Spreading the word about the big day is one of the most exciting and personal things you get to do leading up to the big day. But it’s not just a simple “hey, we’re getting married” (although it can if you want it to be!), usually there are the Save the Date cards, official invitations, RSVP cards, and don’t forget the thank you cards for after the wedding (please don’t forget these!) Unfortunately, all of these paper goods can add up, cutting in to your wedding budget if you’re not careful.

Not to worry, you can still have a beautiful invitation suite on a budget! Below we are sharing our four tips to ensure your invitations don’t break the bank!

Mark your calendar and plan ahead!

One of the things that can cause your stationery budget to go beyond what you originally penciled out is waiting too long to order. It is best to order your invitations 4-6 months in advance to ensure they arrive in time for you to look them over, address them to your recipients, and send them out. Waiting until the last minute can tack on unnecessary fees and may risk your items not arriving in time.

Find a supplier to do it all...

or at least almost all of it! One of the ways to keep your invitations affordable is by finding someplace or someone who can provide you a package that includes all of your necessary paper goods. Some places even have options for table numbers, seating charts, among other wedding signs, so the more you can get in once place, the better! Not only can you save money by bundling these items together, you can ensure that the style and aesthetic is consistent across all of your items. 

Skip the fancy embellishments

We know you were probably oohing and ahhing over the foil invitations with hand lettered envelopes on your wedding inspiration board, but these eye catching embellishments unfortunately can cost a pretty penny. 

You can still have beautiful invites by foregoing some of these details. Consider going with a basic cardstock rather than a premium paper, and skipping details such as letterpress. Whether you are having someone design them or going through an online supplier, talk with them to price out which details you could consider adding that will add that special touch to your invites but still keep you in budget.

Take your invites digital

2020 is the year that reminded us that changes to details like a date or time are sometimes needed, or in the case of a pandemic—unavoidable. By taking your invitations digital on a wedding website, not only can you easily keep track of RSVPs but if an update or change is needed, you can easily make it and notify those you’ve invited without having to repurchase and resend a bunch of invites.

Jot these tips down and if by following them, we’re sure you’ll feel confident getting your hands on some affordable (and beautiful) wedding invitations!