The Perfect Venue Does Exist…Here’s How to Find It

Norman Lindsay Gallery, Blue Mountains NSW

When it comes to planning your wedding, you’re probably most excited about saying yes to the dress or dreaming up your floral arrangements.

So where will this all take place? If you’re beginning the search for your venue, below we’re covering what to look for when it comes to picking the perfect place to say “I-Do.”

Talk to (and hire) a planner

Before you begin your venue search, consider investing in a wedding planner. If narrowing your options down feels like a daunting task, you can hand over your vision, budget, and guest count to your planner and they can deliver a hand-picked selection of venues fit for you and your partner!

Find your vibe

With so many options, trying to find the *perfect* venue can feel like an impossible task. The key to not overwhelming yourself from the very beginning is breaking the venue search process down into smaller steps.

First determine what your vision and aesthetic is. Are you looking for a venue close to Melbourne that has “country charm” like the Lake House, or are you wanting something with a 1920’s, art deco vibe like the Highline in New South Wales? Determining what your vision is will help you narrow down your options.

Next determine a rough guest count. Having a range of the number of people you plan to invite will help further narrow down your options when it comes to who can accommodate you.

From this refined list, it’s all about personal preference when it comes to choosing the venues to tour.

Location, location, location

Will you be having guests come in from out of town? If so, are there any hotel or transportation accommodations located nearby? Is the grassy meadow you’d be saying “I-Do” in convenient for Grandma Dolores who will be using a walker? Consider these minor (but important!) location details when looking for venues.

So...what’s included?

Your venue isn’t just the location where your new chapter will begin, it can also come with a lot of perks that could save you money!

If you are on a budget (or want the convenience of everything all in one place), we recommend looking into venues that offer package options which can include your basics such as tables and chairs, to a complete bar package and in-house catering.

From your top venues, request an informational packet which gets down to the nitty gritty of what’s included and for what price! This will help you determine if it makes more sense to go the package route, or if you’re more comfortable choosing a venue for its overall setting and deciding on rentals outside of what the venue has to offer.

With so many options, we know how hard it is to pick the perfect one and we’re here to help! Not only will we help you find your perfect venue, but make your day there everything you’ve dreamt up and more!

I’m ready to get started!