The Top Three Wedding Vendors to Not Cut Corners On For Your Big Day

Being newly engaged, you probably have the excitement of jumping into wedding planning. The biggest mistake that you can make which can end up setting you back (or leaving you disappointed) is cutting corners on vendors to try to save some money here or there.

We know there’s a lot of moving pieces when it comes to choosing your vendors and categorizing what is important, so below we’re breaking down three vendors you shouldn’t skimp on when it comes to planning your wedding.

The Videographer

We’ll go ahead and say that among the vendors that are a must have, this one is optional but again, one worth putting some of your budget towards if you choose to hire a videographer. The videographer captures your wedding in a way that a photographer can’t. Looking back on photos, you can easily see your wedding day. With a videographer, you can hear and feel it. Being able to hear the gasps when your guests react to how beautiful you look, and hear the room burst out in laughter as the maid of honor gives their toast allows you to remember the day in an entirely different way.

The DJ

Some people think that Uncle Dave can just hook up his bluetooth speakers and in turn, you can save money on your music services. While you may want to support Uncle Dave’s up and coming record spinning career, your wedding is not the place to do that.

Hiring an experienced DJ can really make the experience. Not only will they provide you with music that will get everyone on the dance floor and set the tone for the night, but they will also ensure the song changes at the right time before you walk down the aisle, the correct song is playing after you are officially announced as a married couple, but act as the emcee throughout the evening.

They will also bring their own equipment (speakers, table, lights) which means you won’t have to worry about scouting out this equipment to rent. Trust us when we say you won’t regret devoting a portion of your budget to a quality DJ.

The Catering

This is a vendor that can widely vary price wise depending on if your venue offers catering or if you are needing to bring in an outside caterer. You have a lot of options when it comes to your catering (are you wanting to serve a full sit down dinner, just light hors d'oeuvres, or the whole deal including a late night snack?) but most couples can expect to set aside about $10,000, give or take.

Your caterer can help you calculate out pricing options to find one that fits your budget (and doesn’t sacrifice quality), and be sure to take advantage of any tastings offered. After all, this is your night so have food that you enjoy. Keep these top vendors in mind while planning your big day and you’ll be well on your way to assembling your dream team!