Get to know our wedding planner in the Mornington Peninsula, Sonya

Hailing from the USA, Sonya, our talented wedding planner in the Mornington Peninsula has had a colourful career in entertainment & fashion before applying her creative skills to weddings. We get to know what drew her to weddings and some of her favourite places to plan weddings in the area 😉

My obsession for organisation and the pleasant feeling of working in an environment filled with joy, fun and everything beautiful. Not to mention I've always had a knack for getting along with people from all walks of life. 

Heaps of florals, candle light, textures and bold / colorful palettes that make a statement. Unexpected colour combinations which are usually not seen in weddings and as a result, surprise, inspire and delight as you encounter them.

Port Phillip Estate 
This venue has the most amazing views of the coast and their vineyards. Its modern architecture gives an edge and elegant flair to the space while its highly acclaimed staircase is perfect for hero shots, especially when they involve long wedding dress trains. To top it all off, the food is amazing and they produce plenty of yummy wine to go with it. 

Point Leo Estate 
Another visually remarkable modern gem. The entrance alone (I shall mention no styling needed) is enough to wow your senses. As you go up the driveway you are greeted by a huge arch and a massive concrete wall that curves and leads to an awesome looking tree which, if I'm not mistaken, is over 70 years old. The tree, along with the massive door that succeeds it, set forth the artful touch of the surroundings. The indoor space is open and airy with plenty of natural light. And, saving the best for last, the sculpture park in the rear of the building is backed by views of the ocean, a perfect backdrop for pictures and for your guests to enjoy anytime during the day or night. 

Disclaimer: Though they do all kinds of private events, they're still working out their wedding packages, which should be available to the general public sometime in 2022. 

Tanglewood Estate 
This venue has so much character it hurts. And the best part is, as far as decor is concerned, you can either leave it as simple as you wish, or decorate the heck out of it without fear of overdoing it as it really lends itself to anything and everything. It's like the lake house in the movies where the protagonist family spent their summers in the company of family and close friends. A nice perk is the canoe by the lake. You fill it with flowers, sit amongst them and canoe to the sunset to capture the most romantic pictures EVER! And if lakes are not your thing, the property also has great views of the ocean. 

Summerfields Estate & Country House
The architecture and romantic feel of the venue bring me back to the gorgeous Beach Mansions of Cape Cod in the States. The vast and tidy green fields in the midsts of magnificent sunsets melt my senses and make me feel at home (the home I always dreamed about). And if that weren't enough, this is the kind of venue where you can make your grand entrance as charming or as extravagant as you want it by arriving (and / or departing) in either a horse and carriage - Cinderella style, a vintage convertible, limo or the latest, sleekest sports car - Hollywood Style or even a Helicopter - Presidential style.

Iris Park Garden Weddings 
Acres and acres of stunning gardens that offer a wide selection of flowers and the most amazing variety of settings and themes that will surely brighten your wedding pictures. Perfect for couples who want to keep the decor to a minimum.  

Besides the fact that I rule at it ;), I'm a perfectionist obsessed with attention to detail and delivering nothing but the very best in everything I do. I will go the extra mile to make my couples happy and make sure their wedding is not only beautiful, but meaningful. What better job is there than to be a part of one of the best days in people's lives?