Why Hiring An Experienced DJ Is A Must For Your Wedding Day

Photo by Soner Görkem on Pexels

Music can make or break an event and there’s nothing worse than showing up somewhere and having bad music. Surprisingly it’s not always the music that’s sub-par, but rather the person running the music that makes it feel that way.

Hiring an experienced DJ is something that should be at the top of your list so we’re breaking down four reasons why a good DJ is so important!

They understand your vibe

The last thing you would want is to have music played at your own wedding that doesn’t represent who you are as a couple, or those pesky commercials popping up while playing the Pandora playlist you threw together. An experienced DJ will take the time to understand your likes, dislikes, and ensure the right music is played. 

Many DJ’s will have a questionnaire for you to fill out that gives them an idea on the genres you like and those that you want to avoid, your favorite artists, and more! Wondering how to find a DJ who will understand your vibe? If you loved the music played at a recent wedding you attended, ask that person who their DJ was. An experienced DJ will be able to create the perfect playlist just for you!

They will know the musical timeline and what happens when

Not only will you have your playlist for the reception, but you will most likely have a song for your bridal party to walk down the aisle to, when you walk down the aisle, when you walk back up the aisle, your formal introduction, the first dance, and more!

Being able to know the timing of when all of these things are happening and fade songs in and out to create a seamless transition does take practice and attention to detail, all of which an experienced DJ will possess!

They will keep the party going all night long!

Your DJ is not only running the musical timeline, but also acting as the emcee. Having the perfect balance of an upbeat tone, some humor thrown in, and knowing what songs to play next if they can tell the guests aren’t in party mode yet can make the biggest difference between a good and a great wedding! An experienced DJ can read the room and know when certain playlists or genres should be brought into the mix to get people on the dance floor and keep them there.

They bring what’s necessary

Don’t worry about having to scramble to rent a table, lighting for the dance floor, and teach someone how to use a turntable a week before the wedding. An experienced DJ will have all of the necessary equipment they need, plus extras (like a dance floor if needed) at little to no extra cost! Just double check with them to see if there is anything in particular you need to provide.

With these tips, you can confidently turn the music up and get the party started while you start your search for the perfect DJ for your wedding day!