Why should you have an intimate wedding even after Covid!

Happy bride and groom dancing and celebrating at wedding reception with friends holding sparklers

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that everything revolves around the people whom we genuinely care for. In a nutshell, that is what intimate weddings are all about, celebrating love with your closest ones. Tying the knot in such an intimate affair gives you an opportunity to savour every precious moment and revel in candid joy - without being overwhelmed by tons of attendees. But what else can you gain from opting for a small wedding? Let’s dive in!

Less stress

Even though stress is not an option when working with a top-notch wedding planner, intimate weddings will relieve you from any additional stress. That includes drafting an extensive guest list and spending countless nights thinking who will sit where.

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The option to pick a meaningful wedding venue

Remember that place where you had your first date? Or where you celebrated an important milestone of your love story? While with larger receptions you have limited opportunities due to capacity, with an intimate wedding you will have a palette of opportunities to choose from. But this time, you can select a venue that has a profound meaning for you both.

Darling, it’s all about the details!

Micro weddings elevate the whole guest experience which gives you an opportunity to show your appreciation for their attendance. You can handwrite beautiful and caring notes, curate special favours and include personal touches with creative table place cards. There are a whole plethora of opportunities to infuse your personality in every single detail.

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Heartwarming guest experience

Having an intimate wedding will give you the chance to include your guests in the course of wedding events throughout the day. For example, you can include them all in your ceremony by having them read a verse from a reading. Furthermore, instead of having a reception, make it a dinner party - that will create a cosy vibe and an intimate ambience that they will surely appreciate.

You can make it a whole weekend celebration

With micro weddings comes this amazing opportunity to organize more activities and spend quality time with your favourite people. In order to awe-inspire them even more, you can easily plan a destination wedding that they will never forget!

Whether you choose to have an intimate wedding or an event of your own preferences, we are sure it will be extraordinary and magical! To plan it to perfection, get in touch with us for we are too excited to learn every bit of your love story and realise your dream vision!