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Fan of intimate weddings? Well, no problem, even if you’re not and want to host it because of the given world circumstances, trust us, with some of these following tips, you’ll definitely love how your small wedding can be the most magical experience you’ve ever had!

Personalize Your Wedding Items

A micro wedding means you will not have lots of guests and people to take care of. So, why not make proper arrangements for the ones that are going to come? With a short guest list, you can customize nearly everything for them. From their wedding invites, seating arrangements to their food plates, everything can be set according to how they’d love it. That’ll surely leave them in awe and admiration for your care and devotion to make their experience memorable!

Newlyweds and friends open a bottle of champagne posing on the green lawn

Lesser Guests, More Budget for Fun!

With fewer guests on your list, you’ll have more money to spend on your desires. For example, you can arrange a splendid bouquet for yourself, wear your favourite designer outfit, arrange captivating food dishes and entrance ideas, a creative bar and a lot more! So, what do you think now? Isn’t hosting a small wedding blessing in disguise? In fact, it’s going to be the best event you’d ever planned, because of the possibilities of things you can do.

Why Not Give a Treat?

With more money left on your plate, you can plan a proper food treat for your guests at your wedding. One idea is to offer each of them their favourite dishes, or you can simply arrange a buffet and let everyone have fun at your most enchanting and intimate wedding.

Final Words

An intimate wedding is something that ends up giving lots of magical moments to couples. You get a chance to celebrate your day with the people closest to your heart. That not only makes you host a splendid micro wedding but also gives you a chance to live your day to the fullest in the most relaxed environment!