Here Are 5 Heartwarming Ways You Can Honour Late Loved Ones on your Wedding

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels

Your wedding must be one of the happiest days of your life, but at the same time, it is one of the most emotional moments. In such moments, we all want to have everyone special to us stand by our side, but of course, there are some who we’ve lost. Still, in a way you can share your happiness with your late loved ones by honouring them at your wedding.

Have an Empty Chair in Their Name

During the wedding planning process, especially when you curate the seating arrangement, you can assign a seat to your deceased loved one. This will make you feel more connected to them, or more like they are there with you.

Have Their Favourite Dish in Your Menu

We all have our favourite dishes, and so would your deceased loved ones. You can add one of their favourite dishes to your wedding reception menu to honour their memory.

Play Their Favourite Music

Music is something we cherish and connect our emotions to. During your wedding planning, you can celebrate your late loved ones’ memories by playing their favourite music. Undoubtedly doing this can make you nostalgic, so keep the tissue box closer!

Keep Their Photos Around You

On your wedding day, you can set up a table with photos of your deceased ones and light candles. This will make them a part of your festivities, as photos are something that enables us to keep our loved ones close to our hearts even after they’re gone.

Include Them in Your Wedding Speech

What could be a better way to show heartfelt honour than mentioning them in your most special day's speech? Tell the whole world about how much you miss them and what they meant to you.

The Bottom Line

We hope these few tips would be helpful to you in order to honour your late loved ones at your wedding. It's true that they are never going to come back, but one thing’s for sure, they’re always going to be there with you on all of your good and bad days.