Breakdown of Wedding Costs


Your wedding is perhaps the most extravagant event you’ll ever host. That’s why you have to come up with a budget and do everything in your power to stick to it. One way to achieve this is to put together a breakdown of your wedding costs. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

The Venue, Catering, and Rental

If you’re going to ask us, “how much does a wedding cost?” - we'll give you the top three expenses you have to look into to get started. These include the location, the food, and the rental of tables, chairs, and dinnerware. That being said, these big-ticket items make up as much as 50-60 percent of your budget.

Attire, Hair and Makeup, Decor, Entertainment, and Wedding Planner

About 25 percent of your wedding cost will come from the above items. These include the wedding dress, tuxedo, jewelry rental, ceremony and reception decor, musicians or DJ, and your wedding planner.

Photo and Video

You probably want to have some snapshots and a video montage of your big day. After all, what better way to make you remember your wedding than photos and videos, right? So, you might want to include photography and videography, as you estimate your wedding costs. For these, you have to set aside at least twelve percent of your budget.

Officiant, Transportation, Stationery, Favors, Cakes, and Others

The remaining 13 percent of your wedding costs will include expenses for the ceremony, reception, giveaways, and miscellaneous items.

Tip: Create a spreadsheet and document every item, including vendor information, estimated and actual costs, and additional fees. This record will help you stay on track and not exceed your budget.

We hope these items helped you keep track of your wedding costs and avoid financial stress on your big day.