Which Wedding Vendors Should You Book First?

Now that you have had some time to celebrate your engagement, you may be ready to start planning your wedding, but what vendors should you book first? It may seem overwhelming when you start listing out all the vendors you need, which is why we’ve created a guide on who should be your top priority bookings that will make the rest of wedding planning a breeze!

  1. Wedding Planner

Once you have set your budget, the first vendor you want to book is a wedding planner. They will help you find the best vendors, negotiate contracts, help manage your budget, and take care of all the final day-of details. We recommend booking your wedding planner before booking your venue so they can accompany you on site visits, ask questions, and determine the right place to bring your vision to life.

  1. Your Wedding Venue

As stated above, the next vendor you want to mark off your list is your wedding venue. Many couples book out their venue 1-2 years in advance, especially for in-demand locations. It is extremely important to do this early on in the planning process because you won’t be able to lock in any other vendors until you have a set date and location, so don’t wait!

  1. Your Photographer & Videographer

One of the biggest investments you can make on your wedding day is a quality photographer and videographer.  These wedding pros will help capture your memories to be treasured for years to come. When researching, be sure to check and see if your photographer also offers videography services, as there may be opportunities to bundle and save! If not, your photographer can likely recommend a videographer or vice versa. You can even ask your wedding planner for referrals! Popular dates and weekends book up fast, so be sure to reach out early to your preferred vendor and secure your date.

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