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You don’t need a wedding planner.
You need a wedding bestie.
That’s where we come in, darling.


Your dream day isn’t just a dream, but a guarantee.

With our highly experienced wedding planners —the Darling Don’t Panic team is chock-full of seasoned event experts who work hard to bring your vision to life, so you can soak up every precious moment of your engagement and wedding day.

We’re here to hone in on the little details that leave a lasting impression, labour over logistics so you don’t have to, and draw inspiration from your story to create an immersive celebration you’ll savour for years to come.

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Our approach

Your wedding is a cause for celebration like no other in your lifetime and we happen to think you deserve a wedding planner who treats it as such.

We have an incredible team of wedding planners who are personally trained by yours truly.

With my background as a seasoned theatre producer, I’ve brought together a dream team that knows how to create magical moments and bring your wedding visions to life.

Our squad is all about delivering top-notch experiences that will leave you and your guests in awe.

From meticulously planning every detail to ensuring a seamless execution on the big day, our talented crew has got you covered.

We’re experts at weaving together your unique love story with a touch of theatrical flair, making your wedding an unforgettable production that will have everyone talking.

With Darling Don’t Panic, you can trust that you’re in the hands of skilled professionals who are passionate about crafting extraordinary celebrations.





You don’t need a wedding planner.
You need a wedding bestie.
That’s where we come in, darling.

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Ready to plan your wedding with us?

Hiring a Darling Don’t Panic wedding planner is an investment that ensures your budget is used strategically, your vision is executed impeccably, and your day unfolds seamlessly.

If you’re seeking a celebration that’s stunning, spirited, and stress-free—
you’ll love what we have up our seasoned sleeves.