7 Types of Wedding Bouquets for Every Bride

7 Types of Wedding Bouquets for Every Bride

Clueless on the types of bridal bouquets to use? Bridal bouquets are an essential part of the bridal entourage’s look. It stems from ancient times where the flowers symbolize fertility, and the scent of herbs are believed to ward off evil spirits. Today, a bridal march is incomplete without a bouquet that also complements the bride’s full outfit. If you are looking for types of wedding bouquets, read on below to find out the best one to source for your special day.

1. Nosegay or Posy Bouquet

Credit: Vanessa Norris

The nosegay bouquet features a neat assortment of flowers evenly cut and arranged into a circle. It is a popular choice for modern brides because it is compact enough to be held with one hand, without sacrificing the arrangement of flowers.

2. Pomander

Credit: Olessya

The pomander is an unusual choice for most brides, but is perfect for weddings with classical or French influences. It is a sphere of flowers hung with a ribbon on the bride’s wrist. Smaller versions can also be cute options for bridesmaids and flower girls.

3. Presentation Bouquet

Credit: Ary Shutter

A presentation bouquet is a long arrangement that showcases the flowers spread widely. It is normally used for long flowers and foliage, like orchids and calla lilies. It is also a versatile silhouette that is also perfect for tropical flowers. Brides typically carry this with their arm and not their hands.

4. Composite Flower Bouquet

Credit: The Crystal Flower

Probably the most intricate of them all, a composite flower is essentially a giant flower that is made up of hundreds of petals put together. Only skilled florists can assemble a composite flower. It is a simple yet elegant choice for classic brides, but is only limited to certain types of flowers.

5. Cascade Bouquet

Credit: moreharmony

If you are looking to add a little bit of a dramatic effect to your entrance, a cascade bouquet may be the best option. Almost any kind of flower can be used for this arrangement, with foliage and longer stems dripping below like a small waterfall.

6. Hand-tied Bouquet

Credit: Leah Kelley

The hand-tied bouquet is literal in every form. It is composed of loosely-arranged flowers and foliage that are perfect for rustic or bohemian weddings. Don’t be fooled though, it still takes a professional to arrange a “natural” look for these flowers.

7. Round Bouquet

Credit: OC Gonzalez

The round bouquet is probably the most popular choice for brides. Similar to the nosegay and posy variations, this is a grander version that showcases florals over foliage. Because of the clean silhouette, brides like to do a play on color for this type of bouquet.


2019 Wedding Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

2019 Wedding Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you planning the wedding of the year? Make it a memorable event for you and your guests! Don’t miss out on these 2019 wedding trends that are sure to add a wow factor on your special day.

1. Foliage, Nature and the Eco-friendly Revolution

Credit: Vanessa Norris Photography

Natural themes are a thing, and it is here to stay! Expect some natural elements brought inside like trees, foliage, re-pottable bouquets, and recycled paper. Boho themes like small huts and buntings are also big.

2. Ayo Technology

Credit: Vanessa Norris Photography

The best gadgets are being used to create the perfect wedding videos from aerial drones, live mapping and CGI effects. How about doing a video map on your bare wedding cake?

3. Colour Everywhere

Brides will take a break from the usual muted and neutral tones and instead explore on color. Expect to see a pop of color not just for the florals but even for the wedding gowns.

4. Royal Wedding-esque

Credit: Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex will still be a big influence to 2019 brides. After all, simplicity is the best accessory! Brides will opt to copy her light wedding dress silhouette to bring focus to other features like the bouquet or makeup.

5. Sampler Plates

Thanks to the popularity of feasts, practical couples will prefer smaller plates of a much wider variety of food. This way, guests can experience more without really noticing the smaller portions.

6. Food Stations


Credit: Agent 86 Photography

It’s all about the customization. Everything from long grazing tables, pasta stations and even the standard chocolate fountain can help guests create have a wonderful experience from main course to dessert.

7. Souvenir Place Cards

Credit: Karina Jade Photography

Remember the time when place cards were literally just printed out? Not anymore! Guests take pride in having their names printed on place cards that can be attached to menus and souvenirs. Talk about IG-worthy!

8. Event Branding


This has been going on for a while, but couples will make it a point to have consistency in their event from invites, to table napkins, to thank you cards, and yes, even the hashtag. Consider having your own wedding monogram and have it present in all your printed materials.

9. Welcome Kits


The entourage can receive gifts from the couple to officially welcome them to the team. It can be as simple as a wedding starter pack that has bobby pins, mints and other essentials–or something as a grand as designer items with the wedding date inscribed.

Boho-Chic Wedding Flowers for Free-Spirited Brides

Boho-Chic Wedding Flowers for Free-Spirited Brides

Your wedding bouquet is an essential part of your bridal look, as it gives you the chance to spice up your style with some colours and show your personality. There are many different types of bouquets, each complementing a different style of wedding. So, if you’re looking for a perfect bouquet for your boho-chic wedding, here are a few suggestions you should consider.

The paper bouquet

If you’re into whimsical, more playful side of boho style, consider the paper flower bouquet. Such bouquets are cute, chic, very artistic, and they allow you to express your creativity like no other bouquet. You can even integrate your favourite lyrics, quotes, or novel passages into the bouquet and make it that much more meaningful.

The succulent bouquet

If you’re interested in something a bit more alternative and unique, consider adding some succulents. They will give your bouquet an interesting texture, and they are great as central flowers, especially when surrounded by some greenery or simpler herbs. Choosing this type is a great way to add some edge to your bouquet.

The wool bouquet

If you’re planning on having your wedding in autumn or winter, the wool bouquet is the type for you. Go for crochet flowers, yarn balls, or pom-poms ‒ you have plenty of choices. Plus, one of the best things about it is that unlike with real flowers, you are not limited by what’s in season, so you can use any colours you want.

The silk bouquet

If you’re looking for something artificial that looks as close to the natural bouquets as possible, think about beautiful silk flowers that will surely match your boho-chic style. The silk bouquet can look very lifelike, and it will stay gorgeous all year round. You can also combine it with the button bouquet trend and add a couple of interesting buttons to the wrap for a more fun and less traditional look.

The feather bouquet

Feathers match the boho trend perfectly, and you can use them throughout your décor as well. For instance, you can hang dreamcatchers, add feathers to the invitations, and accessorise your menu with a couple of feathers. Just try to use wild feathers in natural colours, and you can combine them with wooden flowers, neutral blooms, and pinecones to emphasise the style.

The dried flowers bouquet

Bouquets made of dried flowers are also a great choice for the boho wedding. They are a bit less extravagant than the fresh flower bouquets, which makes them perfect for brides who want something that is not too overpowering. They can still be big and complicated, but they can also be as simple as a bunch of dried rye or lavender.
There are many unique and amazing bouquet styles for every possible type of wedding. So, think about the theme of your wedding, the colours, and your own personality, and you will surely find the bouquet that will fit you and make your day even more special.

The Most Beautiful Shabby Chic Wedding Flowers

The Most Beautiful Shabby Chic Wedding Flowers

When planning a wedding, it’s understandable you want everything to be absolutely perfect and impeccable. From the table setting, the wedding décor, food to your whole attire – everything has to click and mesh well together. That’s why it’s paramount that you approach the task of wedding flowers selection with the utmost care and knowledge. Wedding flowers are a big part of your wedding as they are the centerpieces that are the glue that holds the look of the entire table together, not to mention that your own wedding bouquet is the final touch and one of the most important accessories you’ll be carrying as you walk down the aisle. This is why we’re here today, to give you all the necessary information on flowers so you can pick the best possible combinations for your big day.


The classic

If you’re a traditional bride, chances are your choice of flowers will be roses. They are a wonderful choice and not only because of their aesthetic appeal but their wonderful smell too. Of course, there is also the additional incentive – roses have been a longstanding symbol of love often present as a symbol of the utmost importance in fairytales. One of the additional perks of going with roses is that they come in a large variety of colors, so if you are having  a romantic beach wedding or an elegant vineyard wedding, white roses are the clear choice, but on the other hand you can go with orange, pink, magenta – the choice of colors is endless.


The unusual choice

There are traditional brides, and then there are those who stray away from tradition. For instance, if your favorite flowers are tulips, there is absolutely no reason not to make them a part of your wedding. They can be the centerpieces, the bridesmaids’ bouquets and yours too. The best thing about tulips is that they are available in a wide range of colors, from white and cream, pastel pink, yellow, and peach.  If something more vibrant and bold is more your cup of tea, there are hues such as magenta, red, and purple. Now, fabulous wedding photography is a major point on your wedding checklist, and these flowers will look incredible in your wedding photos. The final perk however is the fact that they’re available during a large part of the year, and you might just be able to swing the flowers under your budget because these flowers are quite affordable.



The flower of happiness

Were you aware of the fact that peonies are a symbol of happiness? Flowers are such a mystery and they always have a hidden meaning. Aside from the fact that you would definitely want happy flowers on one of the happiest days of your life, peonies are simply gorgeous and there’s no arguing with that. They are highly photogenic, come in a variety of gorgeous hues. Although there are 29 gorgeous colors this flower comes in, our recommendation is definitely pastel pink, simply this hue oozes elegance and sophistication, and brings a certain ‘clean’ glow to the wedding. Now, these flowers can be a tad pricey, but if your love for them is strong, you will splurge for your big day.