Robynn & Johnathan

Robynn & Johnathan

Merging organic and natural with..Lego! Hand dyed silk runners, lanterns and an earthy, modern colour palette with loads of texture.

This kind and generous couple created Lego figures for each individual guest in their image. 

Planning & Styling: Darling Don’t Panic
Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley
Florals: Sassafras Flower Design
Stationery: Studio Silva 
Photobooth: Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth 
DessertBianco Latte 
Video: @humdrumfilms 
Photos: Katie Harmsworth Photography 
Makeup: Makeup by Stella Tu 
Music: Tobi Tobi & DJ Kimber

Getting married in New Caledonia

Getting married in New Caledonia

Where else could it be more romantic to be on a island ?

Darling Don’t Panic now offers the possibility to organise your civil wedding ceremony in the City Hall of Nouméa and be legally married in New Caledonia. In addition to our regular planning inclusions, we can also handle all the paperwork required for the legalisation of your marriage performed in New Caledonia

Jac Bowie (owner of Darling Don’t Panic and our Head Wedding Planner) is a certified travel specialist from the Nouvelle Caledonie Tourism board and is at your disposal to inform and customise with you your wedding in New Caledonia, not only able to guide you on decisions for your ceremony & reception, but also where to stay, activities and all other travel arrangements.

Jac Works closely with our preferred travel agent to co-ordinate your travel itinerary and plans so your destination wedding is a seamless experience not only for you and your fiancé, but any other guests making the journey to attend.

Jac has a wealth of local knowledge when it comes to choosing the right suppliers, locations and styles for your event.


Compulsory conditions to be met by both spouses for the organisation of the civil marriage

  • Be single, widowed, or divorced
  • Be of opposite sex (transsexual excluded)
  • Be 18 years of age or more on the wedding day
  • Not be related
  • Show proof of Citizenship: a copy of the valid passport is requested (dual nationality is acceptable except in the case of French citizenship of one of the two spouses. In this situation, the requirement of a minimum 1 month residency in New Caledonia  prior to the wedding remains applicable)
  • Witnesses accompanying the spouses can be either of French or other nationality. To be legally married in New Caledonia it will be necessary for the bride & the groom to reserve at the latest 180 days prior to their weeding day and to submit the following documents at the latest 90 days prior their weeding day

Requested Documents:

  • A Certificate of Birth
  • A Custom Certificate and Certificate of Celibacy
  • If divorced: Final Decree of Divorce
  • If widower/widow: Death Certificate
  • If the future spouses wish to have a marriage contract, they will have to establish a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

All these documents must be fully translated into French by a sworn translator.

As your Wedding Planner, we shall assist and guide you in collecting the above legal documents.

For more information, you can contact Jac on jac@darlingdontpanic.com 

2019 Wedding Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

2019 Wedding Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you planning the wedding of the year? Make it a memorable event for you and your guests! Don’t miss out on these 2019 wedding trends that are sure to add a wow factor on your special day.

1. Foliage, Nature and the Eco-friendly Revolution

Credit: Vanessa Norris Photography

Natural themes are a thing, and it is here to stay! Expect some natural elements brought inside like trees, foliage, re-pottable bouquets, and recycled paper. Boho themes like small huts and buntings are also big.

2. Ayo Technology

Credit: Vanessa Norris Photography

The best gadgets are being used to create the perfect wedding videos from aerial drones, live mapping and CGI effects. How about doing a video map on your bare wedding cake?

3. Colour Everywhere

Brides will take a break from the usual muted and neutral tones and instead explore on color. Expect to see a pop of color not just for the florals but even for the wedding gowns.

4. Royal Wedding-esque

Credit: Getty Images

The Duchess of Sussex will still be a big influence to 2019 brides. After all, simplicity is the best accessory! Brides will opt to copy her light wedding dress silhouette to bring focus to other features like the bouquet or makeup.

5. Sampler Plates

Thanks to the popularity of feasts, practical couples will prefer smaller plates of a much wider variety of food. This way, guests can experience more without really noticing the smaller portions.

6. Food Stations


Credit: Agent 86 Photography

It’s all about the customization. Everything from long grazing tables, pasta stations and even the standard chocolate fountain can help guests create have a wonderful experience from main course to dessert.

7. Souvenir Place Cards

Credit: Karina Jade Photography

Remember the time when place cards were literally just printed out? Not anymore! Guests take pride in having their names printed on place cards that can be attached to menus and souvenirs. Talk about IG-worthy!

8. Event Branding


This has been going on for a while, but couples will make it a point to have consistency in their event from invites, to table napkins, to thank you cards, and yes, even the hashtag. Consider having your own wedding monogram and have it present in all your printed materials.

9. Welcome Kits


The entourage can receive gifts from the couple to officially welcome them to the team. It can be as simple as a wedding starter pack that has bobby pins, mints and other essentials–or something as a grand as designer items with the wedding date inscribed.

Why a planner is not a luxury, but a necessity!

Why a planner is not a luxury, but a necessity!

As I look at our almost 1800 current client enquiries, it’s clear that finding out about a wedding planner is high on the list when it comes to researching your wedding and pulling together your budget.

These days, planners are more affordable than you think, and booking one early on, can help you make better decisions from the start. For example, booking your planner before finding your venue means bringing along your planner to help negotiate! Or even have her look at the venue from a logistics point of view. Your planner can also steer you in the right direction to suppliers that have been tested and are reputable- some will even offer exclusive discounts to planners that you just can’t get direct.

If you are still on the fence, here are 9 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.

1. Saves money

While hiring a wedding planner may seem like such a costly thing to do initially, the amount that you can save with their help is going to be well worth the investment. Since many vendors already have a good relationship with the planner, that can mean discounts and special negotiations for you.

2. Reduces stress

Getting a wedding planner to deal with some things will help to ensure that you’re not stuck doing all of the heavy lifting. For one, they’re an expert in the business, which means they know the vendors who offer the best deals as well as which ones are reliable. Also, they’re used to handling logistics, which means that you can relax instead of worrying about everything last minute.

Not only do wedding planners reduce the stress of the people getting married (and their friends and relatives), they ease the mind of vendors as well. Since they aren’t overwhelmed in the same way as the people directly involved in the wedding, they can stay level headed when dealing with the vendors. It makes things easier for everyone involved, and helps avoid any stressful confrontations.

3. Budget management

“Wedding planners can help you stick to your budget and, at times, even save more than you expect,” says Jac Bowie from Darling Don’t Panic. She also explains that wedding planners know how to make the most of your budget. Because wedding planners have come across just about anything that could be wanted in a wedding, they know what works and what doesn’t. They know which items should be given priority because of the impact they will have in the long run.

4. Saves time

Hiring a planner will help you save time so you can think about more important things concerning your wedding. Instead of canvassing and choosing vendors on your own, wedding planners often have recommendations you can check out to limit your search. Plus, they can handle the small details while you are given more time to deal with more important things.

5. They’ll have a handle on things

Wedding planners will help you achieve your visions of your wedding day, and they know all the ins and outs to wedding planning. They’ll be doing their best to stick to your vision and to make sure that everything goes smoothly for it to become a reality. They can handle the sticky details like legal contracts, and you can be assured that they will handle things from start to finish. They’ll be able to foresee most of the things that can go wrong and be able to deal with them at a moment’s notice.

6. On the day co-ordination

As opposed to simply coordinating one aspect of your wedding, wedding planners are trained to plan out the entire day from pre-ceremony to post-reception. While some venues have an in-house coordinator, they usually only manage the events related with the venue like scheduling and catering. They don’t really help manage all the details, from the most consequential ones to the tiniest ones that hold importance to you. An external planner will be able to take care of it all.

7. After party

There’s going to be a lot to cleaning up after all is said and done, and luckily your wedding planner can deal with that as well. You won’t have to worry about a thing as they can do final sweeps to make sure that nothing is forgotten or left behind at the venue, and they’ll make sure to let you know if that happens. You’re probably going to be tired after the day and cleaning up is the last thing on your mind, so your planner will deal with it for you. They’ve got your back from start to finish.

8. Venue management

If your wedding and reception venue are one and the same, your wedding planner will likely be equipped to flip the venue to accommodate the shift in a short time. It also helps if the recommended vendors are ones who are familiar with the setup of the place, so that they know exactly what they’ll be doing to set up everything in time.

9. Custom packages

Wedding planners have different packages depending on the amount of help that their clients need. Some couples have event planning experience of their own, or some of their friends may be able to handle most of the major details, but need help smoothing them out as the wedding date grows near. That’s fine. Wedding planners can offer custom packages that accommodate each couple’s needs.


A good wedding planner can relieve a lot of the stress of planning the big day, and help make your wedding something truly special.

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