Planning on Having a Flower Girl at Your Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning on Having a Flower Girl at Your Wedding? Here’s What You Need to Know

Weddings are all about spending time with the people we love, which is why careful planning and a strategic timetable are crucial for a well-executed day. And a big part of that day is different traditions, one of which is the most adorable member of the squad – the flower girl. But like with most things that are wedding-related, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. So to make sure you are all prepared for those steps down the aisle, here’s what it takes to have a happy and successful flower girl.

Make sure it’s something she wants

Sure, you know your niece is going to look absolutely adorable walking down the aisle, throwing about petals and smiling into the camera – but does she want to do that? If this is a child you are close with, you should be able to estimate whether or not they are up to the task. If they don’t usually like being the center of attention and having all eyes on them, don’t put them on the spot. If you, however, aren’t that close to them, you should ask their parents and let them decide. Finally, you need to ask her. If she isn’t sure, or flat out says she doesn’t want to do it, there is no point in forcing it upon her – just let her enjoy the wedding as a guest.

Explain the duties

Once you have a willing flower girl, it’s time to explain to her exactly what her duties are. If you think carrying a basket and evenly spreading out petals is a bit too complex of a task, there are plenty of alternatives. She can simply walk down the aisle with a small bouquet or pomander, carry a sign that says “the bride is coming”, or blow bubbles. If you are going with the traditional basket, you can fill it with candies or confetti. Meet up with the flower girl a few times before the ceremony to practice walking, throwing and anything else you’ve planned, and try to set up one rehearsal at the actual venue. If you see that she is struggling with some part of her duties, alter them so that she is comfortable in her role.

Get the perfect look

You will definitely not be able to hold back your “awwwwws” while looking through beautiful flower girl dresses. They are all the most adorable things you will ever see and it will be hard to pick a favorite. But this is why you have these things to consider: The girl’s parents should be present when you are choosing the dress, or you should consult them before choosing to make sure that they agree that the dress is appropriate. Secondly, you have to make sure that it is the right size and perfectly comfortable for the flower girl. She will be wearing it the whole day, and any itchiness or tightness will not be tolerated. Next, you want to consider the theme of your wedding. If you have a beach wedding, you don’t want her in a puffy ballgown. Lastly, of course, the flower girl herself needs to like the dress, or she won’t want to wear it. When constructing the look, also consider things like shoes, tights, headpieces, as well as hair and makeup.

Include her family

Your biggest allies in this endeavor are the girl’s parents and close family. You want to make sure that they are sitting near the front row during the ceremony, so she knows that she should walk towards them. During the entire process of preparation, they should be present to make sure she feels comfortable. Ideally, one of the bridesmaids (or the bride herself) is the girl’s sister or mother, so that she can attend all of the activities – from hair and makeup to bridal brunch – together with the group. Kids are great, but they are also unpredictable, so having their parent close by will allow for swift problem-solving in case of an emergency.

Having a flower girl is an amazing addition to a ceremony, but you have to keep in mind that they are still young, and that you shouldn’t expect too much. They will do their best, but if you expect perfection on every step, nobody is going to have a good time. So just let her do her magic and congratulate her as soon as you get the chance.

Destination Honeymoon: A Planning Cheat-Sheet

Destination Honeymoon: A Planning Cheat-Sheet

Are you overwhelmed with wedding preparations? Follow these easy steps and planning your honeymoon will be a breeze!

Scouting locations, purchasing décor, contacting vendors, working on your design scheme, making a seating plan, writing your vows, sending out invitations, buying gifts for the bridal party… The list of wedding planning tasks goes on and on and you barely have time to even think about your honeymoon. Don’t worry, if you start with the preparations early enough and take one step at a time, it will be an easy job!

Honeymoon Planning Timeline

To take the stress out of planning, you need to be organised. It is never too early to start thinking about your trip, especially if you don’t have a clear idea where you want to go. Begin by creating a planning timeline and make sure you stick to it. The key is to have everything booked and all the documents sorted well before the most hectic period of wedding preparations commences.

6 Months Prior

  • Do your research and gather information on various destinations
  • Decide on the budget
  • Find a travel agent

3 Months Prior

  • Have all your documents ready
  • Book a flight
  • Book accommodation
  • Arrange transfers

1 Month Prior

  • Buy everything you need for the journey
  • Create your honeymoon itinerary
  • Purchase travel insurance

1 Week Prior

  • Exchange cash if you are travelling to another country
  • Get informed on the weather at your destination
  • Make final purchases
  • Pack your bags
  • Prepare your documents

How to Set the Budget?

Divide your honeymoon costs into different categories as this will make your job much easier. You will need to cover the transport, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, local transfers and shopping. Find out if you can get any discounts if you are travelling as a newly-wed couple and ask which documents you need to show to prove that. Then calculate all the costs to get the idea of how much money you will have to spend.

If you are on a limited budget, then make sure to get the most of it. You can considerably cut your costs if you look for good all-inclusive deals or consider travelling out of season when there will be fewer tourists anyway.

Another great advice is to make privacy and comfort one of your main priorities. Island honeymoons are perfect because you will be far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, surrounded by beautiful nature. There will be things to explore, but there will be no pressure to make complicated itineraries. The Canary Islands is a destination that ticks all the boxes because it offers a really good mix of culture, activities and the newly-wed bliss!

Choosing a less popular destination that is off-the-beaten-track can also help you maximise your budget. Spend a little more time browsing the internet until you find a hidden gem you can call your own honeymoon paradise. And don’t forget to make a list of the best affordable restaurants and bars in the area!

How to choose your destination?

From cosy mountain retreats and romantic cities to remote beaches, uninhabited deserts and wellness retreats, there are so many beautiful places where you can unwind. Of course, there is pressure to make this journey a unique and memorable one. Not to mention that you will be exhausted after the wedding!

Our best tip is to make a good balance between adventure and a relaxing holiday. Make your journey fun and eventful, do something you have never done before and try new gourmet delicacies, but be a little lazy too!

Surviving the Big Day as a Maid of Honor

Surviving the Big Day as a Maid of Honor

From holding the bride’s bouquet and taking selfies, to being the head of her dress & make-up patrol, a maid of honor has a long list of duties, some of which might come as a surprise to you!

Having performed the role 5 times in my life, my friends seem to think I am a professional maid of honor. Almost like Jane from 27 Dresses! As you probably know, a wedding day has to be planned like a battle in a war and I discovered so many hidden maid of honor tasks nobody tells you beforehand. Plus, you are expected to be doing at least three things at the same time. But don’t be discouraged ladies, I’ll try to help you nail it!

Traditions first

The first step is to know your traditional duties in detail. We all know they include helping the bride to get ready, holding her bouquet during the ceremony, signing some official papers and smiling at the wedding reception. Well, yes but there is much more to it. The maid of honor is the bride’s first assistant and a shoulder to cry on, but she also has to be there for both of the mothers and keep an eye on the child attendants. You probably think it is impossible to manage so many people at the same time. Well, not really, because you have an entire battalion of bridesmaids under your control and you are allowed to delegate tasks.

Dressing up and down

Then there is a whole list of duties related to the bride’s dress and make-up. Remember that you are the leader of the wedding gown protection team and you simply must keep your eyes peeled for any accidents. In case the dress gets ripped, stained or burned, you will be expected to pull out some magical weapon from your pocket. This is why I recommend creating a secret emergency kit which includes everything from wet wipes and a stain remover to a mini sewing kit. I can tell you from my own experiences that a blow dryer is a must-have too, because it is handy for hair emergencies, quick nail polish fixes and drying stains on the dress. On top of all that, the bride will expect you to tell her if her lipstick or eyeliner gets smudged throughout the day and she will most certainly need your assistance whenever she wants to go the bathroom.

Modern duties

Modern wedding etiquette also requires you to be bride’s social media guardian angel. Take her phone and make some fabulous snaps along the way, but also protect her from the unwanted selfies and social media posts by other guests.

And because she will be preoccupied with other things, you should communicate with the wedding photographers and make sure every important picture is taken. I noticed that it is easy to miss great photo opportunities and omit must-have family portraits. My ultimate tip is to make a photography checklist with the bride, then hand it to the photographer and make sure to tick all the boxes on the day. Tell the photographer who is who at the wedding and help them rustle up the bridal party and family members during the cocktail hour. And remember to always smile in front of the camera, because nobody wants to see a grumpy maid of honor!

As for the dance floor action… I think you really need a pair of foldable flat shoes in your bag to be able to survive the day. You are expected to be the dancing queen and drag people to the podium. And while you can allow yourself to be a little tipsy towards the end of the reception, remember that alcohol is one of your worst enemies during the day, so try to stay sober and keep that smile on your face!

Wedding Traditions You Shouldn’t Skip

Wedding Traditions You Shouldn’t Skip

Each wedding is unique, and you will go to great lengths to make sure yours is simply perfect. And while you want your wedding to be memorable and have moments that are special only to you, you should also take into considerations the traditions and clichés of the event. Classics carry that title for a good reason, and there are some traditions that you simply shouldn’t skip over. It might be something to do with your religion or heritage or just something that’s been a running theme in your family, but whether it’s a special garment you wear or a small event that will take place during the ceremony, here are the classics that should definitely be a part of your event.

After you’ve officially been pronounced husband and wife, and everyone settles into their seats at the venue, it’s the moment for anyone willing to say a few words. If you give them the heads-up, some people will work long and hard preparing a speech, but if you know that they will be willing and able, you can also ask them in the moment and let them just speak from the heart. Usually, speeches will be given by the parents and siblings, best men and maids of honor, and, of course, the newlyweds. It’s a moment not only to address your new spouse and express your love but also a moment for you to thank everyone else present and tell them how much their support means to you.

The first dance
One of the most beautiful moments of any wedding, right after the big “I do”, is the newlyweds’ first dance as husband and wife. However, many couples shy away from this tradition, afraid that their dancing skills are not exactly up to par. But there are many places where you can get lessons and learn the perfect choreography for the first dance. And if you think a simple waltz or quickstep is too boring, you can wow all of your guests by doing a contemporary piece. Glide into the room in a comfortable pair of jazz dance shoes and start your marriage off in style to a song you love, moving to the beat.

The first look
There is a saying that we all know about how it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. And while the superstition might not hold much water, it’s not completely dismissible either. This is the same reason why the bride and groom often don’t go shopping for the dress and suit together. Imagine not seeing your spouse-to-be for the entire wedding day, until that first look, seeing them completely dressed up and simply radiating. It is a moment you will never forget, and you will be forever thankful that you have them.

The wedding cake
More and more couples are opting for unique catering ideas for the big day. From ice trays piled high with the finest raw fish to wedding cakes being replaced by macaroon towers and cupcakes. And while variety in taste is greatly appreciated, there is something very special about seeing a three-tiered cake, with a topper representing the two of you – not to mention the fun tradition of cutting the first piece and feeding it to each other, as well as saving the top tier frozen for your first anniversary – if you have that kind of self-control! You can make it personal by incorporating different colors and shapes and, of course, a unique cake topper that is either a depiction of the two of you, or a funny scene.

Each of these traditions can be modified in a million different ways, and just because it’s a classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or done in the same way it’s been done a million times before. Take it and make it your own, simply taking inspiration from those who have done it in the past. After all – it’s your wedding, and you get to choose how everything goes.

How to Survive a First Date on a Wedding

How to Survive a First Date on a Wedding

First dates are always nerve-racking no matter what the circumstances are. But imagine being asked out on a first date – to a wedding? It’s rare, sure, but sometimes life throws us into situations where we have to sink or swim. And let’s be honest, if you are ready to go on a wedding date with someone, you probably deem them swim-worthy. But this really is a once-in-a-lifetime situation, and in case you need some help wrapping your head around it, here are some guidelines:

Don’t overthink it
As soon as you got the text, you probably started analyzing every single detail and interpreting it in all the wrong ways. Does this mean they want to get married soon? Do they always need the approval of their family and this was the best occasion? Do they only need a date, so people wouldn’t ask them why they’re single? Am I supposed to catch the bouquet? What if I like them and want to catch it? Breathe. You’re overthinking it. Maybe they are too nervous and want the support of people they know. Maybe their family pressured them to bring a date, and they thought you’d be sweet and understanding. The point is that it’s just a date, and if you think there’s some subtext, you can just ask them about it.

Dress to impress… slightly
There’s an art to dressing for weddings, and it’s not an easy one to master. You should definitely follow the usual wedding attire rules, but you should also do your best not to stick out too much. If your date is someone important at the wedding, like a sibling or cousin of the couple, you will probably be getting quite a bit of attention, so you don’t want to be attracting all of the attention away from the bride. Be beautiful, yet classy, and make sure you check beforehand what the dress code is.

Get to know them beforehand
If this is going to be your first date, you don’t want to learn in the middle of the party that he has a trait you definitely don’t approve of. If you’re someone who dislikes first dates because of situations like those, these are great first date tips for you. Text them a lot – more than you normally would before a date, but hey, they asked you out to a wedding, you have that right! And if you have some deal breakers that might come up during the wedding, try to casually discuss them beforehand. Next, find out info about their friends. We all do a little bit of Facebook stalking before the first date, but if you are going to be meeting a lot of their family and friends, you might want to take a peek at what they’re like as well. If you have mutual friends, milk them for all the info they can give you.

Keep a conversational balance
Yes, you are there for them, and they are very aware that you are their date. But, they will want to talk with other people at your table and at the wedding in general, and you want to show that you are outgoing and friendly. So when you are mingling, don’t just stare at your date or at the floor while they are talking with friends, strike up a conversation yourself. If you two crazy kids continue dating, you will be seeing those people a lot, and you don’t want them to think you’re antisocial. But make sure you don’t go overboard and focus only on the people around you, give your date some attention too. It’s your first date and you should act like it, by getting to know them and having fun together.

And if all else fails, at least you get to dress up pretty, eat some cake and break it down on the dance floor. Don’t worry, weddings are full of the craziest emotional roller coasters, and your will be just one of many. So relax and simply think of it as a fancy, first date party.

How to Organize a Minimalist Millennial Wedding

How to Organize a Minimalist Millennial Wedding

If we know anything about Millennials it’s that they’ve formed a live-in galaxy of their own, lined with its own behavioral rules, oftentimes weird customs and a range of absolutely gorgeous aesthetics we all oh-so-enthusiastically look to copy whenever possible. Although we sometimes don’t understand the logic, dynamic and functionality behind some of their patterns, we certainly do love embracing what’s good and what feels right.

As weddings have always been that one thing all generations have in common, this time around we’re looking into Millennial wedding obsessions tempting enough to copy. The recent Millennial wedding trend leans heavily on minimalist aesthetics in virtually all spheres of their lives, weddings included.
Whether you are a Millennial yourself or belong to some other generation that finds Millennial trends super exciting, we’re presenting you with the best ways to steal minimalist Millennial wedding tricks and throw an unforgettable (minimalist) wedding bash! Stay with us for the intel…

Millennials and minimalism

As a generation that’s turned the existing world upside down and invented an overwhelming spectrum of behaviors, customs and rules to live by, Millennials are very appreciative of experiences rather than material goods and they collectively (with a few exceptions here and there) look to build a future of self and mindfulness rather than opulence and gluttony. In that tone, their embracing of minimal aesthetics comes as a logical choice. Instead of wasting valuable time on planning extravagant and luxurious weddings, they’ll rather go for something simple, personal and pretty toned down. This potentially has much to do with their approach to budgeting and saving, as well as the fact that they’re more about investing into relationships with their partners rather than investing a hefty buck into a ceremony that will soon be forgotten. Plus, Millennials are known as the generation that lacks patience, so simplicity is key.

The beauty of minimalist weddings
If you are one to enjoy a minimalist approach to your big day, here are a few tips taken straight from the Millennials that will help you throw an unforgettable ceremony.

Elegant minimalist invites
The first signal to the guests that your wedding is going to be different from the extravaganza they are used to is your wedding invitations. Set the tone of your wedding right by having your invitations done in black and white, a marble pattern, all white or adding an interesting twist to the invitations by focusing on typography. This way, your minimal wedding invitations will definitely set the tone for the entire wedding.

Transparent chairs
Not a usual choice for a wedding, but transparent chairs are an exceptionally thrilling option for everyone who wants to stay within minimalist décor expectations. Clear ghost-style chairs are a sleek and super cool alternative, especially if you are a couple of youngsters with guests who won’t mind the unpadded seats. Yes, we’re all used to having Chiavari chairs as the gold standard of wedding seats, but allow yourself to try something different.

A minimalist ceremony backdrop
Although usual wedding backdrops include exaggerated and extravagant arrangements, a minimalist wedding requires a simple setting upgraded only with elegant ornaments for maximum effect. To create an intimate atmosphere on your wedding, go with accent decor like scented candles or white minimalist lights. We love the idea of consulting wedding planners and decorators when it comes to nailing it with design – after all, these guys know everything there is to know about making a statement with proper décor.

A modern wedding dress
Before you pull out your yearly planner with all the wedding boutiques and dates laid out, consider going for something simpler when choosing your wedding dress. Instead of going for a traditional poofy wedding gown or the much-loved French lace, opt for a sharp white wedding dress. A modern silhouette goes a long way, especially if you are throwing a minimalist wedding. Add flowers to your hair or an interesting embellishment, and you’ll be good to go. If you’d love to include a vintage element into your wedding, wear your mom’s or grandma’s wedding dress, and update it just a bit so it agrees with your wedding style.

Minimalist photo backdrop
Unlike the usual, traditional photography we see at weddings, choosing a blank white wall as your canvas is a perfect option for minimalist photography. Add a pop of greenery and embellish it with modern metallic rings for a hint of excitement and – voila! Perfect!

We do hope this little tutorial helped and that you’ll soon find your own minimalist option for your big day. Do send us the photos, okay?

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