Bridal Beauty Prep – What to Keep in Mind

On her wedding day, a bride should be the most beautiful person in the room and she should look like the best version of herself. But that is a lot easier said than done. Looking and feeling great on your wedding day should never come at a cost, but rather be achieved through strategic planning and preparation. So, what should you be doing to make sure you dazzle and glow while gliding down the aisle?

Many brides want to have beautiful, flawless skin on their wedding day, especially if they have a dress that’s a bit revealing. And while there is nothing wrong with acne, scars or other skin imperfections, you can talk to a dermatologist to see if there is something that can be done. Schedule an appointment a few months in advance, because you might have to go through several treatments before the wedding, with breaks in between each one. Make sure you are using the proper skincare: sunscreen, moisturizer and face wash should be in your daily repertoire, along with drinking plenty of water and eating food rich in antioxidants. If you have tattoos that you want to show off, you can have them touched up several weeks before the big day, or exfoliate your skin the night before to make them appear more vibrant.

A beautiful hairstyle can only be achieved with beautiful hair, and that means day-to-day care. Try to avoid using heat in your hair routine, since it damages the hair, and opt for hairstyles that don’t require the excessive use of heat for your everyday look. Make sure you are using a quality shampoo and conditioner, and if you feel like your hair is getting dry or weak, use a serum or a mask to give it a boost. Try out your wedding hairstyle at least once before the wedding, and wear it for a full day. This will allow you to see just how practical the hairstyle really is. If you are planning to dye your hair for the big day, dye it at least a couple of days in advance to leave enough time for correcting potential mistakes in case the color doesn’t turn out as you wanted.

Having an ideal body means a different thing to everyone, but you want to make sure you are healthy and energized enough to be able to withstand all the planning and the whole day of partying. Forget about any “flash diets”, because they will only leave you feeling ill, and if you drop a dress size or two, your gown might not fit properly. Have a balanced diet and do moderate exercises a few times a week. If at the end of the day, you’re still not satisfied with your shape, you can opt for body sculpting to make sure you like every single part of your body.

We’ve already talked about your skin, but there are other things on your face you should pay attention to. After long months of planning, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, with puffy eyes and dark circles around them. While makeup can cover the color, placing two cold spoons on your eyes will reduce the puffiness and wake you up instantly. As for your brows, if you are planning to tweeze or wax them, you should do it a couple of days in advance to make sure all the redness passes before the wedding. Exfoliate your lips either with your toothbrush or with a natural exfoliator, to make sure they are ready for the kiss. If you want to wow everyone with your smile, you can get your teeth whitened a week before the wedding, and rest assured that your smile will match your dress.

Have several dress rehearsals and wear your gown for a few days, to make sure it’s comfortable and that it stays in place. Break your shoes in by wearing them around the house, and try a couple of different makeup looks to see which one you like best. If you feel sick or sluggish in the days leading up to the wedding, take a break and make sure you get your health to an optimal level – because other people can take care of the flower arrangements, but nobody can walk down that aisle instead of you.

How to Manage Your Bridal Shower

How to Manage Your Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower is a real honour, so it’s okay if you start feeling a bit stressed out due to all the things that need to be planned out. However, even though it can sometimes be difficult to cater to everybody’s wishes, managing a bridal shower can be a walk in the park if you prepare everything in time. So, to help you organise the best bridal shower ever, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The location
Traditionally, bridal showers are held in the home of the host, but that’s more of a custom than a rule. You can choose any location you find appropriate, such as a nice restaurant, a comfortable café, or a banquet hall. It can also be a place that bears a certain meaning to the soon-to-be-married couple, such as the park where they first kissed, the gallery where they met, etc. Just make sure the location is comfortable, large enough, and not too difficult to reach.

The time
You can hold a bridal shower anywhere from six months to one week before the wedding. One-two months before the wedding usually works best, but it also depends on the guests. If some of them are travelling from afar, it might be a better idea to organise it closer to the wedding date so they don’t have to travel twice or miss one of the events. Additionally, most bridal showers take place during the afternoon, but any time of the day is fine as long as the guests can attend it.

Who to invite
As the host of the shower, you decide on the size. If your place can’t accommodate more than ten people, you should go through the guest list with the bride so you don’t leave out anybody important. The showers are usually very intimate, so the guest list should include the bride’s family, close friends, and the groom’s close female relatives. If the size is still an issue, you can hold two smaller showers with friends and family members separately. Of course, the same guests should also be invited to the wedding.

The theme
When coming up with a theme for the shower, think about the bride’s favourite colours. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – less is more, so even a simple colour theme with some nice decorations can go a long way. In case the bride doesn’t have any specific desires, you can go with the wedding colours and incorporate them into the flowers, food, and décor. If the budget is not an issue, you can also give out themed favours to show your guests how much you appreciate them.

Food and drinks
The food you offer can be as simple as light bites, snacks, and sweets or as complicated as a full-course dinner in a restaurant and a cake. It mostly depends on your budget, and keep in mind that showers can be very costly. You can also ask each guest to bring a dish, and make it a potluck meal, which would allow you to focus on other things, like drinks and music. When it comes to drinks, there are many bottle shops in Australia, such as the amazing bottle shop in Pyrmont, which can provide you with everything you might need to set up a cocktail bar or simply serve some nice champagne.

During the shower
There will probably be guests who don’t know each other, so come up with some fun games that will help them feel more comfortable. For example, you can play a trivia game about the bride, which will also make her feel special – as long as you keep it fun and classy. When the time comes for the bride to open the presents, play some nice music in the background and use that opportunity to serve desserts, so the unwrapping of gifts doesn’t take over the whole shower.

Managing a bridal shower can be quite exhausting, but it is also very rewarding. Therefore, think about all the details, make sure everybody is comfortable and having fun, and the shower is guaranteed to be a success that all the guests (including the bride) will remember for a long time.

A Christmas Wishlist for Brides

A Christmas Wishlist for Brides

Our lovely brides to be are surely feeling a little stressed. Happy, but overwhelmed with phone calls, guests lists, and general planning for their wedding next year. The holidays are the perfect time for her to relax and enjoy herself, and what better way to help her do that than by giving her a perfect little gift. Show the bride in your life some appreciation by getting her something she really wants and she’ll be eternally grateful. To help you out, we’ve got a handy little list right here.

Sparkly earrings
Everyone needs a little bling for the holidays! Get your friend a pair of delicate, shimmery earrings in champagne or rose gold, or maybe silver, in case she prefers cool tones. This is a nice gift that she can use to complete her party outfits, and it will definitely make her feel pretty.

Cozy leggings
Pick leggings with a crazy, fun pattern that she otherwise wouldn’t dare to buy herself. Make sure they are super cozy and colorful so that she can relax and feel great as she lounges around the house, snuggled up to her future hubby.

Scented candles
Scents can be very evocative, and a good candle has the ability to lift our mood, relax us, or make us feel nostalgic. The scent of apples and cinnamon, the scent of pumpkin pie, the scent of cloves and bergamot – get something with a festive feel to it, something that will remind her of being curled up under a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

A skincare kit
There’s nothing brides love more than pampering themselves and indulging in some beautifying treatments. Some nice, quality skincare products will make her very happy because they make it easy for her to care for her face and body and get ready for the wedding day. You could pick out a few nice things and put them in a basket: a moisturizer, a body lotion, bath salts, a good scrub, a lip balm, a hand cream, a serum, and maybe a gentle tonic. You can also leave a nice handwritten note to invite her to a beauty day at your own home where you can relax, put on some sheet masks, and sip wine as you chat happily.

A makeup palette
If your friend is a makeup lover, she’s bound to appreciate getting a high-end makeup palette! Pick out some quality warm-toned eyeshadows, or better yet, get something that has romantic, bridal tones. Rose, champagne, soft brown, powder pink, mauve, dove gray are all great colors for bridal looks, and if you get her a palette, she’ll be able to play around with it and practice doing her own looks and create the perfect one for her big day. Chat about it, bond by doing makeup on each other, and check out a few tutorials to inspire your creativity.

A spa gift certificate
Or hey, if you don’t think you can pull off a spa day at home, and you really want to make her feel good, give her a spa gift certificate. She can get a nice massage and let professionals care for her skin and make her feel gorgeous. This is especially good if she can use if a few weeks before her wedding when she’s bound to need it the most.

A good book
A book is always a great gift, and Christmas holidays are the perfect time for us to catch up on our reading. Here’s a nice list of books that any future bride might appreciate. Get her something that speaks of love and its uniqueness, something that will inspire her and make her eager for the wedding day to come.

There we go, now that you’ve picked out something, it’s time to wrap it up nicely, put it underneath the Christmas tree, and watch your friend squeal in delight as she opens her gift.

Polish & Poise Special – $950!

Our Polish & Poise package is perfect for brides who have everything in place but need someone to make contact with all your suppliers, create a running order for the day and physically run the day for you. We’ll do the pack up too if you like.

Perfect solution for the bride who’s planned it all, but wants to relax and soak up every moment on the day, and not be worried about who’s putting out the vases, lighting the candles. Let us worry about all of that! That’s what we do best!

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Australian’s can now employ theatre and events producer, Jac Bowie, as their own wedding planner.


Geelong, Victoria, 20th September 2017, Jac Bowie proudly announces the purchase of wedding styling and planning business ‘Oh Perfect Day’.

The business has been rebranded to ‘Darling Don’t Panic’ “After 10 years as a theatre producer, developing, producing and bringing shows into Australia, I had a short hiatus in 2011, trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I had a wealth of experience in events, and was juggling a few short-term contracts at the time with Cirque Du Soleil, Mardi Gras, and by this time had held a few small networking events for women (which later would go on to become Business in Heels). I’d even worked as the tour manager for the controversial “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort.

In the middle of all this, I found myself thinking about becoming a wedding planner. I toyed with the name One Perfect Day, and went about creating a Facebook page and the beginnings of a website. Unexpectedly, Business in Heels took off, and within 3 weeks of this idea, I was processing 15 branches of franchises for BIH.” Jac sold BIH to a franchisee in December 2014, and went on to embark on a few years in radio. Jac adds: “A year on air in Darwin, and then another year in digital management in Geelong. But I really struggled not working for myself. I was missing it.”

In 2017, a small Geelong wedding planning business, Oh Perfect Day, came on the market, Jac grabbed the chance and purchased the business. She has rebranded it as Darling Don’t Panic. Jac says: “Darling Don’t Panic is the reincarnation of Oh Perfect Day. We took the beautiful aesthetics that previous owner Jane Lovejoy had worked so hard to create, but we’ve grown the business into something truly unique. I’m bringing my (rather eccentric) experience producing burlesque, cabaret, corporate events, entertainment, and applying this outlook to weddings.”

The whole point of the business is to create something unique to the bride. Jac understands that no one wants a cookie cutter wedding. Jac concludes: “Along with the new outlook, we are now partnered with state-of-the-art planning software, Aisle Planner, so regardless of which package our clients book, they have access to an online tool that helps them with all aspects of the event planning process such as budgets, contacts, guest lists, seating plans and a fully collaborative Design Studio where our clients can not only upload their inspiration, but search and add more by type, theme or colour.”

Whatever it is that you need for your big day we will be there. To us, it does not matter who you are or what your background is. Rather it is how we can make two people happy on their special day. Our greatest wish is that you can spend the rest of your lives united. That is why Darling Don’t Panic fully supports marriage equality.

There’s also a FREE GUIDE, 12 Steps to Discover (& Get!) The Wedding You Want.

Based out of both Melbourne & Geelong, Darling Don’t Panic is now servicing clients all over Victoria, and around Australia by request.

Franchises are also available for talented event stylists and planners.

Sophie Monk talks love, life and lace ahead of The Bachelorette

Sophie Monk talks love, life and lace ahead of The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette star Sophie Monk thinks all women should feel beautiful in their own skin.

After having her personal life scrutinised in the media for many years, the ever-glamourous Monk is no stranger to the importance of an inner confidence.
Featuring in a recent collaboration with Australian feminine inspired sleepwear homebodii, Sophie calls for women to celebrate themselves by embracing their uniqueness.

“It’s so important to start your day feeling beautiful, for you, not for anyone else,” Sophie said.


Many women around the world are subjected to external pressures from magazines, blogs, television and comments on social media about how they should look, and Sophie is no exception.

During her search for love on The Bachelorette, the sexy 37 year-old will wear pieces from homebodii’s Lost in Love collection.

Homebodii designer and founder Ingrid Bonnor hopes Sophie’s influence will help inspire other women to ignore the external pressures from the outside world and feel beautiful in their own skin.

“I started this label with all women in mind – curvy, tall, short – I want all women to feel beautiful in their own skin, which is why I design garments that are feminine, classic, and wearable!” Mrs Bonnor said.

“By wearing our Lost in Love collection on The Bachelorette, I know Sophie will inspire more women in Australia to fall in love with themselves.”

To see Sophie’s interview visit this link.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons