Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most common questions from couples below. If you can’t find the information you need – please email us!


We have many wedding planners who look after clients anywhere across Australia. 

If you’re unsure, or wish to find out more information about who services your wedding location you can contact us, or get a free quote online in our Information Pack where this information will be shared. 

Regardless of where you’re getting married in the world we do have a solution. Either the planner is nearby, there’s a planner who services that location with a travel allowance attached or we can do virtual wedding planning services.

All Darling Don’t Panic wedding planners have completed the Covid Safe At Work course which covers:
– Preventing the spread
– Recognising the symptoms
– COVID-19 safe workplaces
– Identify and report risk for infection
– Infection control

In addition, as a team we are keeping up to date with Covid / Coronavirus restrictions in each state. As soon as wedding restrictions change for NSW, QLD, VIC or TAS, our team are familiarising themselves with the appropriate covid-safe wedding plans and communicating these changes with you.

Rest assured our wedding planners will keep you informed and make suggestions on changes (if required) that will minimise disruption to your wedding plans.  We’ll also be flexible when things change and work with you to ensure you have the wedding you dream of.

Now has never been a better time to have a planner there with you, protecting your investment and keeping you well informed.

No – your first consultation with Darling Don’t Panic is always complimentary and completely obligation free. At the end of the consultation you can choose whether you would like us to craft a customised quote based on your needs. However, you can elect not to receive a quote at all if you prefer. 

There’s some wonderful venue coordinators out there, and some take on a few elements of event planning. Depending on the agreement you have with the venue, they will take care of some venue related logistics on your behalf and sometimes they can give you a list of recommended suppliers. However, they, work for the venue rather than for you and generally assist you with areas such as food and wine selection, wait and bar staff management and basic table set up. 

A wedding planner goes well beyond this. Darling Don’t Panic works for you not for the venue and can help you with ensuring a cohesive event from start to finish. From styling and full coordination through advising and working with your venue manager to ensure everything runs to schedule, we do it all. We are also well placed to match you with the best vendors and suppliers that best suit you and what you want.

The average time it takes to plan a wedding is around 200 – 250 hours. That’s 6 weeks of full time work! If you want something extraordinary, something chock full of gorgeous details and particularly if you want a wedding in a marquee or non-licensed venue, odds are that you will need to spend at least that many hours if not more. And, if like most couples you don’t have any previous event planning experience, you could probably add on a few more.

We welcome those who are in need of help at late notice and if that sounds like you we would encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible. Sometimes, backtracking or undoing planning issues and mistakes is urgently required and its something we are most certainly happy to help with. However, it’s important to keep in mind that we are a boutique business that only has a certain number of dates available and a certain number of couples we can assist at any one time, so the later you get in contact with us the less likely we will be able to help. 

It’s surprising how many couples on a small budget hire a planner or coordinator. Apart being able to help you to stay on budget, negotiate better prices and make your precious dollars go further, we can help to ensure that all that time, money and effort you have put into your wedding is worth it. A wedding is a huge investment, and when you think that you could spend anywhere from $20,000-$100,000+ on your day, it seems a little illogical not make sure that everything you have been working on and saving for actually turns out the way you want it.

Compared to most wedding budgets, a planner is a relatively small investment and arguably one of the most important. If planning or styling isn’t for you, then an on the day coordinator is indispensable and very affordable, particularly if you are having a wedding in a marquee or non-licensed venue.

If you want to wing it, that’s totally ok. Lots of couples go it alone. You just need to consider whether or not you want to maximise the opportunity for you to enjoy every moment of your day, have the wedding you really want and minimise potential for issues or hiccups. Remember, there’s no second chances when it comes to your wedding day. 

While we’re great at what we do, what we can’t do is guarantee that absolutely nothing will go wrong on your big day. We can’t control the weather, stop your relative from drinking a little too much or ensure a baby doesn’t cry during your ceremony. What we can guarantee is that every potential issue or hiccup that can be prevented or planned for will be. We will have your wet weather plan ready to implement, a spare place setting set up in no time for that relative that unexpectedly turns up and cooling on hand for your marquee when the weather gets warm. Anything that does go wrong will be dealt with quickly, professionally and usually without the bride and groom even noticing. 

If you’re a super busy couple that wants to hand every element of planning over to Darling Don’t Panic, we are happy to be your personal wedding team. There are a few things, however, that we can’t do. This includes setting your budget, making payments to vendors and suppliers, deciding on your guest list or trying on dresses and suits for you! We also require our clients to communicate with us fairly regularly so they can approve decisions. You don’t have to do the leg work, but you definitely need to give the final ok. 

We love gorgeous and gorgeous comes in a million shapes and sizes. From modern romance and industrial glam through to elegant vintage, boho and eclectic or retro cool, we love weddings that stand out for all the right reasons! Given that we mostly work across Australia, many of the venues we love lend themselves to vintage, rustic, boho, garden, beach and classic weddings. However, all of these venues are just screaming out for something a little different! We love creating weddings with edge so if you want a carnival themed fiesta complete with fairy floss and fire breathers then we can’t wait to meet you!

Whether or not Darling Don’t Panic is right for you is a personal decision that you need to make based on your own knowledge of your skills, budget and resources. However, it is helpful to be realistic about your ability to plan and coordinate an event as big as your wedding day. You may have held cocktail parties and had 18 people over for a formal three course meal, however have you also dealt with caterers, a bridal party, multiple vendors and suppliers, equipment hire, florists and wait staff while being a bride? Just on the day preparations alone might take a bridal party more than 6 hours.  

If you feel confident that you can plan your day, we wish you every luck and commend you for your enthusiasm. However we would strongly suggest that you still consider an on the day coordinator. While there’s many things you can do yourself, coordinating your own set up and running order is not one of them – it’s your wedding day!

Different companies call this different things, and as we don’t do packages, you can select some components from these 3 categories when building your own quote via our Information Pack.

– Styling / Design / Visual Planning
The concept creation, sourcing and dealing with visual items & suppliers for the decoration of your event. Examples of this could be sourcing hire furniture to dress the venue, finding an arch for the beach ceremony, finding the right florist who can do a boho luxe ceiling installation. Your planner will find these suppliers, narrow down the search as per your specifications and find suitable options. She’ll get the quotes for you, and once selected she will deal with this supplier on your behalf.

– Planning / Logistical Planning
The process of sourcing and dealing with suppliers to bring the logistics of your event to life. Examples of this could be sourcing a marquee, finding the right celebrant that suits your personality, finding a caterer who does share plates for long table dinners. Your planner will research these suppliers, again finding the right ones as per your needs, style and budget, and deal with these suppliers on your behalf in the lead up to your event. This can include the creation of floor plans etc if required.

– On The Day Coordination 
Having a trained event planner on-site on the day of the event to make sure everything you’ve planned is setup correctly and the event runs smoothly. This service is available as a standalone service for clients who wish to do their own planning and just have some assistance on the day.

It’s your wedding, you’re the client and that means you’re in charge. We check in regularly with you and consult with you on all decisions and you are free to be as deeply involved as you wish. We love (and totally relate to) type-A personalities who want like to be on top of every little detail. However, if you prefer, we are also just as happy to undertake things on your behalf (as long as you give us permission first!).

Yes we do! Surprisingly, hiring a planner can actually save you money. Not only are we able to identify and negotiate the best value for money suppliers and vendors, but we have a range of packages to suit most budgets. If your budget is tight, we would encourage you to consider our more modest services. Our on the day service starts at $1400 and includes planning support in the final two weeks.  

We take pride in our event experience and as such don’t love the idea of just turning up on the day. It’s not the best recipe for a streamlined & beautifully executed event. Both of our 6hr or 8hr On The Day services really are 2 week full planning packages. Both include full access to our event planning suite (from the day you book us, not just the final 2 weeks!), virtual advice from your Day Of planner throughout your whole planning timeline, and when you’re 2 weeks out from your event, she’ll meet up with you and take over the reigns for you. She’ll produce your event timeline for the day, reach out to all suppliers and guess what – you can now relax and enjoy all your hard work, not just on the day, but that whole 2 weeks leading up to your event.

The best time to get in touch with us is close to the start of your planning process. Before you do, it helps to have an in depth discussion with your partner and others close to you about what it is you might want for your big day. Browse plenty of ideas and inspiration in the form of wedding blogs, websites and magazines and make some decisions on the basic stuff (like how many people you want to invite and your budget) and then get in touch. The earlier we work with couples the easier it is for us and them to create their ultimate wedding. Most importantly, the earlier you get in touch the more likely we will be available for your required dates. If you’re having trouble with all the above, check out the next FAQ.

Yes. In fact, we would recommend it. So many couples (let’s be honest, mostly brides) waste precious time confused and overwhelmed while they jump from one idea to the next and try to find some kind of clarity and direction. Don’t panic – not knowing what you want or how you’re going to achieve it is completely normal. The sooner you get in touch with us the sooner we can help you to get all those ideas and options and sort them into a concept that feels like it fits. Once you have your direction clear, everything will become instantly easier.

Weddings are not only about the couple but also the people they love. We encourage you to get your family and friends involved wherever you feel comfortable doing so. When we first sit down with you to work out how and where we can help, we will talk to you about the ‘team’ you have around you, what areas you potentially see them assisting with and what roles might suit each of them. We are also experts at involving grooms (if that’s something you and your groom would like to discuss).  

Some couples have family and friends around them that operate like a well-oiled wedding planning machine. Giving support where it’s required, offering appropriate, well-timed and insightful advice, listening to your ideas and your vision and working towards your perfect day without any personal agenda involved. These couples may very well exist; however, unfortunately, we’ve never met them.

Jokes aside, it’s all too common for well-meaning family and friends to inadvertently make the planning process somewhat harder for the couple. Your wedding is a really big deal and it’s normal for everyone you love to shower you with enthusiastic input and opinions. Unfortunately, their overexcitement or personal ideas of what a wedding ‘should’ be tend to get in the way of what you really want. Often, ideas offered don’t necessarily feel right for you and can leave you more confused and overwhelmed than before.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a million ways your loved ones can be helpful and almost every couple has someone close to them who is an amazing support. However, in our experience having an expert on side with the sole objective of ensuring that you have the wedding you want can be very, very useful. It’s particularly useful when dealing with a family member or friend who really feels strongly about something that you just don’t want to go with – simply say that the industry expert suggested something else – we don’t mind being the bad guys!

We have lots of fantastic contacts within the wedding industry and that means we can suggest and match you with suppliers and vendors that are your perfect fit. We only work with the best and there are some businesses that we often recommend because we know them, trust them and are familiar with the quality of their work. However, our top priority is delivering to you the wedding you want. If that means searching high and low for that elusive vendor or supplier that offers something completely new and unique we will do so and if you have ideas or preferences we will investigate them too. When suggesting vendors or suppliers to you we always give you several options and quotes to choose from, and a full breakdown of how each does or doesn’t meet your requirements, so you make the final decision.

Absolutely not. We receive no payment for recommendation or referrals from any suppliers or vendors. Some vendors and suppliers do offer our clients a discount if you are referred to them by Darling Don’t Panic and that discount is given directly to you.

As above, we do work with some vendors and suppliers on a regular basis, because we know they are the best of the best and will deliver incredible results for our clients. However we are not locked into a relationship with any one business.

We love couples who are in love. Yes, that sounds way too obvious, we know. What we mean by that is that weddings that are about celebrating the love and commitment shared between two people first and foremost are our favourites, because these weddings tend to be the most personal, meaningful and fun occasions.We also love couples who want their wedding to stand out from the rest. Couples who say no to following rules that don’t feel like them and want a day brimming with style and personality.

We don’t enjoy weddings that are a copy of the same old wedding day everyone you have ever known has had and has no personal meaning to you as a couple. That’s not to say we want all weddings to be completely outrageous, we love classic and elegant as well, it just means that the weddings we love the most are the weddings with heart.

Firstly, it’s your wedding, and even though everyone you love is a really important part of it, you need to be clear with them about what you really want. It’s essential to incorporate other people’s requirements and desires where you can, after all, a wedding is rarely just about the couple alone. However, it also pays to remember that when it comes to your wedding there are no second chances. In our eyes, having a wedding you don’t love is a pointless waste of time, effort and money. 

It can be a good idea to talk to your loved ones about the benefits of the investment you are looking to make with Darling Don’t Panic You are investing in ensuring that all the blood sweat and tears (and dollars) that you are pouring into your day are worth it. And that investment is not only for you, it’s for everyone you love. We think that anything that saves your sanity and reduces pressure on your relationships is a good thing! A happy bride is a happy groom and a happy family. Make sure that you are free to enjoy every moment of your engagement and big day for everyone’s benefit. 

If you are hiring us for on the day coordination, then this will also directly benefit those closest to you – instead of running around fixing issues, managing schedules or picking up forgotten items, they will be enjoying the day as your guests.. A wedding should be a celebration, not a working bee!


The Booking Process

So you’ve booked! 
What happens now?

Regardless of whether you build your own quote, or select The Perfectionist Package, you’ll need to action these 3 items to complete your booking:

  1. Invoice – pay deposit
  2. Sign your Contract
  3. Complete your New Client Questionnaire

You’ll be sent your logins to your Client Portal (to manage all your paperwork with us) and Aisle Planner – which is the software we use to actually plan your wedding!

Once a booking is made, it’s our process that you’ll receive an email from your wedding planner within 24hrs to introduce themselves and set up your first meeting. Some planners may also send a SMS or setup a group on WhatsApp.

Your first meeting is really an introduction to outline our process and the services you have booked – and it’s an opportunity for your planner to get more detail on the tasks ahead. You’ll leave this meeting with clear expectations on your service and the plan of action for your wedding!

Depending on circumstances, your meetings might be at the venue, at a cafe, on Zoom or even video call on Facetime or Whatsapp. Your wedding planner will ask how you want to meet at your first meeting. Don’t forget you have unlimited support between these meetings via email, phone, sms as well.

Questions about billing

It’s possible if you have an Afterpay account. Simply download our Info Pack and complete your dream quote, and instead of paying via link on the Invoice, email our team on info@darlingdontpanic.com and we can send you an additional manual invoice with an Afterpay Link. Instructions are also on the Invoice.

Yes we do, we offer a Direct Debit option where you can lay down only a $500 deposit and pay your balance monthly up until 60 days before your event. We also offer a 5% discount to clients who choose to instead pay their invoice in full.

Yes! 5% off for payment in full! If you choose to make your payment in full, please contact us via email as we need to adjust your invoice manually to reflect the discount.

Have more questions? Contact Us!

Our team are always ready to answer any questions you might have, feel free to hit us up on live chat (below right!) or send us an email to info@darlingdontpanic.com

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