“Jac and Erin, thank you so much for everything!!!!  Justin and I had the most amazing time! 
It went so smoothly and everything was just as we had imagined!  Dad even thanked you in his speech Xx”

Alex & Justin

“Thanks so much!! It was so amazing to see all the planning come together!! Everyone said that everything looked beautiful and the Gelati cart was a hit as well! Thanks so much for your help on the day and leading up to it, it was a huge relief for me to have someone else to coordinate everything! Thanks again, and if you ever need an assistant in the western suburbs you have my number!”

Louisa & Brandon

“Hiring Jess Gale from Darling Don’t Panic was one of the BEST decisions I have made in this whole wedding planning process, hands down. Being from outside of the country, I was grateful that she was always on top of things and super responsive. When I got to visit Australia, she really sat me down for a 3-hour long meeting, and was super thorough, because she knew that I was anxious and worried for not physically being in the country because it was a destination wedding. When everything felt so out of reach, she made sure she reached out to every vendor for me. She made sure I was feeling good about things, and would go above and beyond to make sure I literally “don’t panic”.

All of my guests were raving about how carefully, thoughtfully and uniquely planned my wedding was, and I give a lot of the credit to Jess. She is truly a superwoman, with such passion for her work, such love for her children, and doubling as a florist which made this process so easy. I am so happy to say that I have found myself a talented and passionate new friend =) Cannot say this enough even though I’ve said it so many times already. THANK YOU JESS”

Robynn & Jonathan

“ On behalf of Jade (my wife!) and I, we’d like to express our utmost gratitude for everything you did to make our most special day such an amazing, and I mean truly amazing, event. Your kind, consultative approach and peerless talent for design and coordination is nothing short of phenomenal and was pivotal to the success of our day.

Our guests, and from what I hear, everyone at Stones, were simply blown away with what you delivered on the day. We obviously know and appreciate the many months and weeks of effort that went into preparing for it, but it’s a testament to your many abilities that you managed it all together with the other weddings and events you were supporting in parallel…..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ”

Jade & Keiran

How can we truly express our thanks & gratitude to someone who has created the best day of our lives? … Your creativity, vision and planning skills are second to none and your dedication in pulling everything together makes you one tireless and extremely thorough wedding planner. This, though is nothing compared to the stress you took away from us in taking control of everything. We knew it would be amazing but the atmosphere and vibe you generated through your first class styling was something we never anticipated. ”

Laurelle & Tim

We had so many ideas and wanted our venue to look amazing but we didn’t know how bring all the ideas together. The whole process of organising a wedding is very overwhelming, but Darling Don’t Panic made it stress free… Jane was a lifesaver and friend at the same time … nothing was too much trouble! On the day of the wedding it was a great feeling to know that theDarling Don’t Panic team were at the venue doing their thing, as there are so many emotions you go through on the morning of your wedding. I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you organised and how beautiful everything was. It was incredible to see all of your creativity, vision and endless amount of planning come together! Our guests were blown away with the atmosphere and vibe you created and we all had an amazing night. The only thing I would change is hiring Darling Don’t Panic as early as possible, as the contacts they have in the industry can save you lots of time and money. From the bottom of our hearts, Joe and I would like to thank you for making our wedding day absolutely ‘perfect’ …”

Katie & Joe 

From day one (working with Darling Don’t Panic) I knew that the styling of our wedding was going to be more than I could ever achieve on my own. Their professionalism, passion and creative talent are next to none. The whole process was enjoyable, exciting and stress free. They not only developed the most stunning style concept, but their communication, organisation and attention to detail was outstanding. I was continually impressed by their willingness to go the extra mile and their passion to make our day perfect. Our guests were blown away by the beauty ‘Darling Don’t Panic’ created… I loved … being able to immerse myself in the creative ideas pitched by Darling Don’t Panic …(and) I never felt like a stranger was planning my wedding , instead (I worked with) a gorgeous talented lady who’s down-to-earth-ness made me feel like I’d known her for years. On reflection, I’d love to plan another wedding simply so I could work with them again! …Simply, if you want a stress free, stunning wedding that is stylish and anything but cookie cutter, ‘Darling Don’t Panic’ will deliver.”

Megan & Sam

I had an idea of what I wanted for our wedding but needed help to bring it all together … Darling Don’t Panic were fantastic and was able to bring my ideas to life. I genuinely had a great experience with the team. It really helped take a lot of the stress of the day away having someone alongside you assisting and making sure everything is covered. I had an extremely busy 4 months at work prior to the wedding and I would have gone mental without knowing Darling Don’t Panic were double checking things off the list as well. ”

Lauren & Anton

“I was pretty well organised (to a point) but … I became increasingly concerned about how to pull my ideas together …the Darling Don’t Panic team were terrific. She listened to what we wanted and built on my ideas and what we already had planned … nothing was too much trouble and she has amazing ideas. I knew how I wanted everything to look in my head and she was able to make that a reality for us. She made it all look cohesive and gave us the ‘Wow’ factor that we were looking for. Her ability to look at a space and come up with the most beautiful settings and arrangements was simply astounding. She also went above and beyond her commitment to us, for which we are incredibly appreciative. As the name suggests, thanks to Jane and her team, our wedding was simply ‘Perfect’.

Lauren & Michael

“I want to tell you what a treasure you are and how important to me you were on the day of my daughter’s wedding. I know without any doubt whatsoever, that without you, my day as mother of the bride would have never been as amazing as it was. Your attention to detail and time management is second to none My ability to confidently let go of table lay out (which I am a bit anal about) and design was of cause rewarded with a layout far superior than I could have achieved myself. As I said you are a treasure and a beautiful person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our daughter’s special day even more special and granting me the extreme gift of being able to relax and enjoy the day. So many people on the day asked about you with admiration for how you handled all situations and we sang your praise.”

Gayle (mother of bride Abbey)

“Hiring Darling Don’t Panic was the best decision we made. We’d been trying to work out how we would manage everything …. when we finally decided to get in touch. We also used some of Darling Don’t Panic’s beautiful hire items which really added to our day – the ceremony was way more beautiful with those. Additionally, there was no stress and nothing to worry about and everything was absolutely beautiful. The day of (the wedding) became much more manageable and I didn’t feel like I had to ask people to do things for us when they were meant to be attending our day and celebrating with us. It meant we were also able to enjoy the day and worrying about the set up of the venue and whether it looked good and was what we wanted.”

Frances & Steve

“I was very stressed as there were so many things that kept popping up that I hadn’t realised were even things that I needed to worry about. My biggest concern was that things wouldn’t be done just as I like them. I like to be in control, so this was probably my greatest fear. The team at Darling Don’t Panic were easy to work with, extremely professional and they knew what they were doing. The end result was the wedding that we wanted – fun, relaxed and a day that just represented us as a couple. If there was one thing that I would change about the lead up to my wedding, it would be to hire Darling Don’t Panic from start to finish.”

Emma & Mitch

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