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  • Why It Is Important To Have A Wedding Coordinator On Your Big Day

    Even though you always dream of your wedding for years and expect the wedding day to be very big in your life, it can end up causing you a lot of stress and frustration. This is because some responsibilities and tasks ought to be planned for.

    In wedding planning, there is a setting of dates and times with each task that has to be achieved. Each task has to be accomplished at the right time. Even if a small task is not done at the planned time, your special day might end up being a tearful event. This is a reason why you need a coordinator on your big day.

    A wedding coordinator has experience and knowledge that is necessary for performing tasks leading up to the wedding in an efficient manner. The coordinator assumes the role of different positions when planning your weddings such as facilitator, planner, artisan, or even the budgeting manager.

    The wedding coordinator is also responsible for the events which take place on your big day. A professional coordinator understands his or her role to ensure everything goes smoothly as planned. Your wedding should be a magnificent day that you and the other members should remember for a lifetime.

    To turn your dream into reality, there are different details the coordinator will follow including the following;

    • Planning the financial budget and recording all expenses to ensure the budget is not overstepped.

    • Providing alternatives in case of unexpected problems during your big day. • Assisting in tasks such as catering, color scheme ideas, and other crucial details for your big day

    • Providing assistance that might be needed to plan specific wedding themes or designs. If you are planning a wedding, you ought to have a wedding coordinator. Having a coordinator is the first step in making your wedding perfect and a day to remember!

  • How to Save Money While Planning Your Dream Wedding

    Believe it or not, you can plan a wedding without throwing yourself and your families into debt for the next decade. I am going to give you a few suggestions and guidelines to make this possible without having to cut corners. All it takes is a little discipline and the willingness to stick to a budget.

    The first thing that you can do is make a list of things that are “required” in planning a wedding. This includes your dress, his tux, guests, a cake, flowers, decorations for the reception, food, music, drinks, photographers, and whatever else you feel are the bare essentials. Then sit down with your fiancé and decide on the five most important things on this list. This is where you can splurge a bit. Five may sound like a very small number, but there are an awfully lot of decisions that need to be made while wedding planning, even if you’re keeping it simple.

    If you can identify the five most important things before you start, it will keep you from letting all the “minor details” get out of control. Trust me, things can easily snowball if you don’t have a solid plan before you set yourself free into the world of wedding planning. Your fist assumption may be that a wedding planner is out of the question. In many cases this is true. But don’t rule them out until you have talked with a few of them.

    He or she may be able to give some great suggestions on how you can stick to your budget. Once you start your planning, you will quickly see that it’s a little overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of photographers, pastry chefs, and florists in every city. It may help you to work with someone that knows the ropes and can help you find the companies with the highest quality work at the most reasonable prices.

    Another thing that can help you pinch pennies is to plan your wedding during the off-season. The most popular months for weddings are May through October. Most venues will lower their prices during the months that are slower so that they can fill their calendars. Ask for the price list for the entire year and also find out the dates that they have open so that you know what you have to work with.

    It’s never good news to set your heart on a date, only to find out that it’s booked. Destination weddings are a great way to save on your big day. It may not sound like a possibility, but when researching my wedding, I was absolutely amazed with what I found. There are tons of places that offer package deals on weddings. You can get discounted rooms in spectacular resorts if you plan to hold your wedding on their property. They have really incredible settings.

    You can get married on the beach, in a pretty gazebo, next to a waterfall, or even on an inactive volcano in a beautiful national park! The sky is the limit if you’re open to traveling. And most of these places are all-inclusive, so you also get meals, drinks and entertainment. You may even decide to stay right where you are for your honeymoon. Keep your eye out for “Off The Rack” sales, you can get dresses that are normally very expensive at highly discounted prices because a few brides have merely tried them on for size.

    You may need to get it dry cleaned just to be sure, but even if you need to have it altered, you’d have to even if you ordered it in your size. Another option is to wear your mother’s or your grandmother’s dress. You could have a few alterations made for the perfect fit or to update it a little. You could also choose to go with a dress that would normally be considered a bridesmaids’ dress. There are a lot of websites on the Internet that have dresses in myriads of colors.

    But you can change the colors right on the photo. It is so much fun to see what they look like in white or ivory; all you do is point to the color and click. Although, I would not recommend ordering anything before you try it on, you may not be able to return it. Call around to bridal shops in your area and see if they carry the style, then go and try it on. Sometimes they look very, very different in the photographs. In the long run, this could cut hundreds or even thousands out of your budget. Don’t forget, you’re only going to wear your dress once. You can get all of your finishing touches on sale too, like Swarovski bridal jewelry or Swarovski hair pieces.

    This next tip may be the biggest, and possibly the hardest of them all. Cut down on the guest list. You could do this in a few ways, I once attended a wedding where they had quite a few people at the ceremony and only a few at dinner, but later opened it up to everyone again, for drinks and dancing. You could also have a very small, formal ceremony and reception dinner for very close family and friends and follow it with a very relaxed and informal pig roast and picnic the following day. Whatever suits you will be fine, but I have to admit through experience that this is the part that took the most discipline.

    There are a few ways to save at the reception, you may consider finding a place to hold your reception that will allow you to bring your own liquor and then all you need to do is hire a few people to tend the bar. You may not wish to serve a three or four course meal. Buffets are very acceptable ways to keep your guests happy and still save a significant amount of money. Another nice thing to do is have a dessert only reception, or you could cater the whole thing yourself and have your families prepare their favorite dishes. And last but certainly not least, DIY, DIY, DIY. There are a lot of very simple things that you can do yourself that can easily be as beautiful as purchasing everything for your wedding. You would be surprised at how little time it will take you and the unbelievable difference in the balance of your checkbook.

    Make the decorations on the table out of hurricanes with glass gems in the bottom of water with a floating candle on top. You could even add a goldfish or two if you like! You could ask your family members to lend you their favorite crystal and set them around on the tables with scattered rose petals and votive candles among them to make very inexpensive, yet elegant centerpieces. You can also make your own invitations. There are a lot of companies that sell software that will provide you with pretty graphics, fonts, and techniques to make them flawless.

    The Internet is a great resource that will help you come up with endless ideas and the tips to make them a reality. The best tip that I have for everyone that is planning a wedding: It is a wedding, which means that if you go home on that day and you are married to the person that you love, then your mission has been accomplished. All of these other things are merely details. The wedding is only the first day; it’s having a good marriage that is really important. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed with all of this, just have fun and enjoy your day.

  • How To Choose A Wedding Tent

    Renting a good tent is important when planning an outdoor wedding. While tents provide a cozy and personal touch to the whole outdoor wedding décor, they also shield you and your guests from unfavorable weather conditions. Tents are also more flexible than existing facilities because you have more options regarding where and how you want to have your wedding. However, they are more expensive and can cost you around $3,000 to $6,000 without the extras such as lighting, flooring, and the cost of delivery, setup, and removal.

    Types of Wedding Tents: These are some of the popular tents that you may want to check out before making a decision.

    Party Canopy: This is a lightweight tent designed to protect from sun and rain. Installation is easy, and inexpensive to rent in comparison to other types.

    Pop-up Canopy: Another lightweight tent with collapsible-frame fabric. Installation is also easy.

    Frame Tent: A tent with a metal frame having no center poles. The rental company usually installs it. Tension tent: This type is built with high center poles, a steeply sloped ceiling, with a more open feeling inside of the tent.

    Pole Tent: This type has poles around the perimeter and in the center, which is very practical for harsher weather conditions. The rental company will install it.

    Location and Flooring: The best location for setting up the wedding tent is on an even high ground, and should be free of overhead utility lines.

    If the site has uneven terrain or experiences high rainfall, try to include plywood or plastic flooring. Plywood can be expensive but it will provide a durable raised floor and is suitable for almost any type of terrain. Plastic floor is ideal for paved surfaces and is much cheaper than plywood floors.

    Also consider parquet-wood floor which can be used as the dance floor. Size of the Tent: There’s no harm in renting a tent that’s a little larger than actually required. Think of a tent size in which your guests can be comfortably seated. Here’s how you should estimate tent seating specifications:

    All chairs in rows: 6 square feet per person Round tables: 12 square feet per person Rectangular tables: 8 square feet per person Cocktails and receptions: 8 square feet per person Along with these specifications, figure in the bar area, cake table, band area buffet tables, and dance floor.

    Color of the Tent: The traditional color for tents is white but you can choose from a wide variety and combinations, depending on the theme and mood of your wedding. For example, if you want a romantic starlit night sky to be part of your wedding, rent a tent with a translucent ceiling. Sidewalls can be solid white for more private affairs, clear vinyl to let in natural light, and cathedral-window walls for a more decorative touch.

    Optional: Remember that every rental firm also provides optional accessories which can really underscore the décor of your wedding and the tent. Choose those that will fit in to the theme and tone of the wedding. Other accessories that you can’t do without may include air-conditioning (for areas with extreme climates), carpeting, portable bars, decorative lighting etc.

  • How to Choose Colors for Your Bridesmaids’ Jewelry on Your Wedding Day

    When designing jewelry, the sky is the limit as far as color choices, stones, shapes and over-all design. But just like a cherry on a sundae or the star on the top of a Christmas tree, no outfit is complete without jewelry. I would start with making a choice on your bridesmaids dresses.

    Take your Maid of Honor with you to help you make a decision because usually there are more choices of bridesmaid dresses than there are Wedding gowns in the boutiques. This will help you get some feedback as far as what will work for all of the girls and she can also try some of them on, since they normally look very different on a person than they do on the rack.

    Once you have made a decision, make sure that you get a swatch of the fabric so that you have a true reference to the color of the gowns. I would not recommend trying to match the tones in the jewelry by memory, especially if you’d like to go with a similar color scheme. This simple, and not to mention free, tip will make life much easier in the long run.

    The next thing you will need to consider is what sort of stones you’d like your girls to wear on the big day. There are quite a lot of choices when it comes to this subject, you can go with semi-precious stones, crystals, pearls or even just a simple pendant on a satin cord. The best place to start is with style of the dresses, taking into consideration the color and the cut of the dress itself.

    Then you can decide if you’d like to go with one type and shape of stone for example, crystals or pearls, you can have a single strand or you can also go with a layered look of two or three stands of the same stone. I personally find this very effective and it’s also nice because if you go with a necklace and bracelet that are of a simpler design, your girls will get much more use out of them in the future.

    If you are having trouble finding something that will compliment your dresses closely, don’t worry, I find that if you go with a mono-chromatic scheme and put several shades together that are in the same family it will give you a little more interest in the jewelry and you don’t have to be so concerned with having a perfect match. You can view a sampling of Swarovski Crystal colors using a Swarovski Crystal color chart. Also, don’t be afraid to consider other color options when working with hues in this manner.

    For example, you may find that with a pale green dress, shades of citrine or yellow topaz will look very nice, or even shades of blue. It all depends on the undertones in the fabric. The last thing to consider is the shapes of the stones that you wish to use. You could go with a single size, like tiny pearls on layered strings for a very feminine and classic look. Or you may want to go with several shapes and sizes that when put together, will make a pattern and create some interest like a Swarovski Crystal Round and Bicone Necklace, this can be very dramatic or just slight variations in the shapes.

  • How to make a wedding bouquet that is interesting and unusual

    Have you ever noticed how most bouquets look the same? Sure, they look beautiful, but they don’t really have much variety. They usually contain flowers and some type of greenery. But who ever said that bouquets only had to contain flowers and greenery? Why can’t they contain something a bit more exciting? Like what? I can hear you asking.

    Well you can try anything really, it is only limited by your imagination. Most brides spend hours thinking about what flowers they want in their bouquets and then what flowers they want as accents to the focal flower. I wonder what what would happen if they had something else to choose from, instead of just flowers? Does the person you are making the bouquet for have a favourite thing that they would love to carry down the isle?

    You should always ask your bride what they would like in their bouquet because it doesn’t have to be flowers. There are plenty of other things you can add, such as: – toy cars – toy trains – toy aeroplanes – miniature teddy bears – small dolls – plastic horses, cats, dogs, or birds

    Some other things you could add include candy, chocolates, bubble gum, fruit, vegetables, cup cakes etc. For my own wedding, I am adding lollipops to my bouquet!

    You probably think I’ve gone mad! But trust me, people liked to have choice and they like to feel that they are different and unusual! And adding interesting objects to the bouquet can be a good way to get the groom more involved with the wedding.

    For example, if the groom is a pilot, or likes cars, how about adding some toy planes or toy cars to the bouquet?

    This is sure to get him more involved! Not all brides will want to do this, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have more choice! And just because you are adding a few different things doesn’t mean you still can’t have flowers. All you do is combine the two, for example, you could have seven teddy bears and nine roses. It’s really up to the person getting married. As you know, weddings can be very stressful and taxing. So why not lighten things up a little and give people something to talk about for years to come?

  • How To Word Wedding Invitations

    Art, in general, is the appreciation of beauty. It implies order and harmony of parts in a given whole. Human life does not imply merely physical survival.

    It is a vocation towards the refinement of the spirit. Hence, the demands of daily life include and derive meaning from the cultivation of those traits that truly reflect man’s innate dignity. In this context, ethics is considered an art. However, there are art forms that are different from those that are considered as ethical

    For this reason, certain actions of man must be in proportionate to the ethical standards as dictated by man’s innate dignity. One of which is how we should use words in different functions.

    Take fore example the wordings in a wedding invitation. Careful use of words and establishing them correctly is very crucial in wedding invitations. This is because wedding invitation are the first-hand symbol of the wonderful celebration that is about to take place.

    Any misused, abused, or unethical choice of words may result to misunderstandings or misinterpretations between and among the guests. Generally, wedding invitation wording should be clearly established to avoid confusions and misconception. There are instances were words may have several meanings depending on how it is used in a sentence.

    Moreover, the wordings must accurately define the details of the wedding like the date, the exact time, and the place where the wedding ceremony will take place. These things should be clearly stated because there are cases wherein most guests directly assume that once they are invited, it means that they are asked to attend to the wedding ceremony and the reception.

    However, there are some weddings that the couple would usually invite people just for the reception. In this case, the couple has decided to make the wedding very private and that they only want their immediate relatives present during the ceremony. The guests are asked to attend on the reception already. Hence, to avoid confusion and delusion, it is best to carefully state in the invitation the purpose of the invitation.

    On the other hand, wedding invitation wordings may also vary depending on certain circumstances that the couple has no control of. An example is the concept of who paid for the wedding. In this instance, it is best to choose words that would pay respect to the party whom the recognition is due but should also be made in conformity with the ethical standards, in which the feelings of the other party should be considered also.

    For example, if in case that the bride’s parents are the ones who had paid for the wedding, then, the wordings on the wedding invitation should state that it is the bride’s parent s who are requesting for the presence of the guests. Alternatively, the setting of the wedding should also be considered when establishing the wedding invitation wording.

    If the wedding is informal and will only take place in a home, then it is best to replace the usual words being used in formal invitations to a more casual tone but still with respect. Boiled down, any kind of wordings will do when making wedding invitations a long as the words are in conformity to the ethical standards set by the society and as patterned on the innate dignity of man. Best of all, the details of the wedding should be clearly stated, otherwise, the wedding invitation will definitely lose its main purpose.