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  • 6 Fun Bridesmaid Gifts To Ask Them To Be “The One”

    Cheerful pretty girls giving presents to their friend

    One of the best things about getting engaged is the excitement of telling your family and friends, especially if it’s asking some of them to be an official member of your bridal party!

    If you’re wanting to make the moment extra special, we’re sharing some of our favorite (and unique) ways below to ask your girls if they’ll be “the one!”

    Say yes to the bridesmaid!

    This is a fun one because it can be done during a personal and intimate time—at your dress shopping appointment!

    Invite your closest friends with you to try on dresses and before you say yes to the dress, ask them to be your bridesmaids. Not only are they getting to share such a special moment with you, but it will be even more special when they have their first look with you on your wedding day because they were there with you when you found the gown. 

    Custom card

    There are so many artists on sites like Etsy that make custom cards specifically for bridesmaid proposals. These cards are a simple, personal, and easy way to ask your closest friends to be part of your big day and something they’ll hold on to for a long time!

    Bridesmaid gift box

    While there are gift boxes that you can order online for your bridesmaids, consider building a box yourself! You can make each one unique to each bridesmaid whether that’s including their favorite candle, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

    Custom wine bottle

    This is very affordable but also fun and unique! You can order custom wine label stickers online, or create them and print them yourself at home, and place over the label of their favorite bottle of wine or champagne. You can even include a wine glass or two in the package! Celebrations are in order when you add a member to the bridal party so this gift won’t disappoint!

    Bridesmaid hanger

    If you want a fun way to capture photos of the bridesmaid gowns or robes on your wedding day, gift them with a custom hanger! There are so many options out there to choose from, from hangers that just say “bridesmaid” to ones that include their name. Plus, this is a great gift as it is one that they can use after the wedding as well!

    Jewelry for the wedding day

    This is a fun way to either ask your girls to be your bridesmaids, or to show your appreciation for them the day of the wedding. Consider giving them a piece of jewelry that they can wear down the aisle. Again, this is a great gift because it is something that they can wear long after your nuptials, and anytime they wear it they will be reminded of the special moment they shared with you.

    If you’re getting ready to ask your girls to stand by your side on your wedding day, consider one of these ideas above and we guarantee that they will say “I do!”

  • Surviving the Big Day as a Maid of Honor

    From holding the bride’s bouquet and taking selfies, to being the head of her dress & make-up patrol, a maid of honor has a long list of duties, some of which might come as a surprise to you!
    Having performed the role 5 times in my life, my friends seem to think I am a professional maid of honor. Almost like Jane from 27 Dresses! As you probably know, a wedding day has to be planned like a battle in a war and I discovered so many hidden maid of honor tasks nobody tells you beforehand. Plus, you are expected to be doing at least three things at the same time. But don’t be discouraged ladies, I’ll try to help you nail it!

    Traditions first

    The first step is to know your traditional duties in detail. We all know they include helping the bride to get ready, holding her bouquet during the ceremony, signing some official papers and smiling at the wedding reception. Well, yes but there is much more to it. The maid of honor is the bride’s first assistant and a shoulder to cry on, but she also has to be there for both of the mothers and keep an eye on the child attendants. You probably think it is impossible to manage so many people at the same time. Well, not really, because you have an entire battalion of bridesmaids under your control and you are allowed to delegate tasks.

    Dressing up and down

    Then there is a whole list of duties related to the bride’s dress and make-up. Remember that you are the leader of the wedding gown protection team and you simply must keep your eyes peeled for any accidents. In case the dress gets ripped, stained or burned, you will be expected to pull out some magical weapon from your pocket. This is why I recommend creating a secret emergency kit which includes everything from wet wipes and a stain remover to a mini sewing kit. I can tell you from my own experiences that a blow dryer is a must-have too, because it is handy for hair emergencies, quick nail polish fixes and drying stains on the dress. On top of all that, the bride will expect you to tell her if her lipstick or eyeliner gets smudged throughout the day and she will most certainly need your assistance whenever she wants to go the bathroom.

    Modern duties

    Modern wedding etiquette also requires you to be bride’s social media guardian angel. Take her phone and make some fabulous snaps along the way, but also protect her from the unwanted selfies and social media posts by other guests.
    And because she will be preoccupied with other things, you should communicate with the wedding photographers and make sure every important picture is taken. I noticed that it is easy to miss great photo opportunities and omit must-have family portraits. My ultimate tip is to make a photography checklist with the bride, then hand it to the photographer and make sure to tick all the boxes on the day. Tell the photographer who is who at the wedding and help them rustle up the bridal party and family members during the cocktail hour. And remember to always smile in front of the camera, because nobody wants to see a grumpy maid of honor!
    As for the dance floor action… I think you really need a pair of foldable flat shoes in your bag to be able to survive the day. You are expected to be the dancing queen and drag people to the podium. And while you can allow yourself to be a little tipsy towards the end of the reception, remember that alcohol is one of your worst enemies during the day, so try to stay sober and keep that smile on your face!