royal wedding

  • 2019 Wedding Trends

    1. Foliage, Nature and the Eco-friendly Revolution

    Credit: Vanessa Norris Photography

    Natural themes are a thing, and it is here to stay! Expect some natural elements brought inside like trees, foliage, re-pottable bouquets, and recycled paper. Boho themes like small huts and buntings are also big.

    2. Ayo Technology

    Credit: Vanessa Norris Photography

    The best gadgets are being used to create the perfect wedding videos from aerial drones, live mapping and CGI effects. How about doing a video map on your bare wedding cake?

    3. Colour Everywhere

    Brides will take a break from the usual muted and neutral tones and instead explore on color. Expect to see a pop of color not just for the florals but even for the wedding gowns.

    4. Royal Wedding-esque

    Credit: Getty Images

    The Duchess of Sussex will still be a big influence to 2019 brides. After all, simplicity is the best accessory! Brides will opt to copy her light wedding dress silhouette to bring focus to other features like the bouquet or makeup.

    5. Sampler Plates

    Thanks to the popularity of feasts, practical couples will prefer smaller plates of a much wider variety of food. This way, guests can experience more without really noticing the smaller portions.

    6. Food Stations

    Credit: Agent 86 Photography

    It’s all about the customization. Everything from long grazing tables, pasta stations and even the standard chocolate fountain can help guests create have a wonderful experience from main course to dessert.

    7. Souvenir Place Cards

    Credit: Karina Jade Photography

    Remember the time when place cards were literally just printed out? Not anymore! Guests take pride in having their names printed on place cards that can be attached to menus and souvenirs. Talk about IG-worthy!

    8. Event Branding

    This has been going on for a while, but couples will make it a point to have consistency in their event from invites, to table napkins, to thank you cards, and yes, even the hashtag. Consider having your own wedding monogram and have it present in all your printed materials.

    9. Welcome Kits

    The entourage can receive gifts from the couple to officially welcome them to the team. It can be as simple as a wedding starter pack that has bobby pins, mints and other essentials–or something as a grand as designer items with the wedding date inscribed.