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  • How To Pick Wedding Favors

    Basket with wedding favors to distribute to guests

    Can’t decide on wedding favors for your wedding? There are so many kinds of wedding favors you could have – from something handmade to simple flowers to very intricate, personalized wedding favors. And everything in-between.

    Some brides pick the favors to reflect the wedding and its theme. Others like to match the colors of the wedding to the favors. Yes, there are some who want something simple and personalized, for their guests to remember the wedding date.

    We have put together some ideas for you to come up with wedding favors for your wedding:

    Would You Like To Make Them Yourself?

    Some brides love making things themselves. If that is you, and you don’t have too many guests coming to the wedding, you may want to create something yourself.

    On the other hand, if you don’t make things yourself, now is not the time to start. It would be better to buy simple favors, instead of spending your valuable time on learning how to make them.

    Do You Want Them To Match Your Wedding Theme?

    Pick something that will match your wedding theme. For example, if you are wearing a princess wedding dress, and your whole wedding is designed around a fairy tale theme, picking wedding favors that reflect the fairy tale theme as well would be the most appropriate.

    Personalized Wedding Favors are also very popular.

    Get your favors personalized with your names, the wedding date, the location, etc.

    Simple Favors.

    Sometimes you want to have favors, but you want something very simple. In that case, you might want to just buy items that you could use as favors – simple candles or flowers come to mind.


    We love seeds as wedding favors – they symbolize the beginning of your new family, and your guests will be able to use the favors! Give them seed packets with seeds that they can plant, a favor like this will definitely be used.

    Enjoy finding the perfect favors for your wedding!

  • How To Buy An Engagement Ring

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    Photo by carissarogers on Pixabay

    The most common of engagement traditions is the groom presenting the bride to be with an engagement ring. Most commonly, the engagement ring is a diamond ring. While diamonds are the preferred precious stones, diamonds are not the only gems used in engagement rings.

    The most important reason diamond rings are so popular is because they are the most expensive of gems; therefore, considered the most precious. The diamond jewelry retail market is a $30 billion market with over $5 billion of it spent on engagement rings in America.

    To the untrained eye, most diamonds look equally beautiful. Most people evaluate diamonds based on its size, shape, and price. A lower price typically means lower gem quality, not necessarily a bargain.

    Estimating diamond quality requires skill and experience. It requires grading a ring based on a combination of characteristics such as cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Such characteristics are called the “4 Cs”. A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. One carat is one fifth of a gram. Generally diamonds range from 0.25 up to several carats. The largest cut diamond in the world is 530.20 carats. Sorry, it is not fore sale. It is called the Cullinan and kept in the Tower of London. The Cullinan is set in the sceptre of King Edward VII.

    In addition to considering weight when valuing a diamond, color is an important factor. Colorless diamonds are rarest and they are the most expensive. Diamonds with a hint of yellow are considered less pure, and they are less expensive. Diamond colors are coded from D to Z. A through D grade diamonds are the most expensive and Z are the least expensive. Diamonds graded D-F are considered colorless and they are the most expensive. Reputable jewelry stores, usually, do not sell K thru Z grade diamonds.

    The most valuable color grades:
    A – D: Absolutely colorless. The highest color grade, which is extremely extraordinary.
    E: Colorless. An expert, still considered a rare diamond, can detect only minute traces of color.
    F: Colorless. Slight color detected by an expert gemologist, but still considered a “colorless” grade and a high-quality diamond.

    Another important factor determining the price of a diamond is its cut. As any of the other characteristics cut is equally difficult to judge for the untrained eye. The grading certificate that normally comes with the diamond will provide you a good idea. Independent testing institutions, such as the GIA, provide certificates with a diamond’s grading from excellent to poor. Naturally, a certified diamond means a larger price tag.

    In simple terms, the clarity of a diamond refers to its purity. Most diamonds have minuscule imperfections called “inclusions”. A flawless (no inclusions) diamond is extremely rare and valuable. At the same time, diamonds riddled with inclusions are less expensive. Clarity is graded from “flawless” (FL) to “imperfect” (I1 to I2). Most diamonds fall between those with very, very small inclusions (VVS1) to rocks with slightly larger inclusions (S1). If you can compromise on clarity, you are going to be able to save. To verify a diamond’s clarity, examine the laboratory certificate.

    If money is tight but you must have a diamond ring, stay away from the big name jewelry stores. Brand name more often than not comes with a larger price tag. Buying wholesale may be a viable option. As a rule, the wholesaler’s core business is selling diamonds to retailers, but they also sell to the public. Because they do not advertise in the same venues as retail jewelry stores, you have to seek them out. It is easier to find wholesalers than you think since many of them are listed as diamond merchants in the phone book.

  • Our favourite favours for any couples style

    You’ve gotten through most of the items on your checklist and wait….we need FAVOURS??

    Let us rephrase that: you don’t need favours. Details like this are really personal preference. Let’s say you decide you want to include favours, a small gift of appreciation to thank them for being part of your wedding day. Out with the packs of tissues and hand fans, here are some of our favorite favour ideas that will be meaningful to you, useful to your guests, and won’t accidentally be left at the table at the end of the night (we’re all guilty of it!)

    1. If you’re looking for a tasty treat, put together a package of assorted chocolates, candies, mini cupcakes, a donut, or even a build-your-own s’more kit. These goodies are sure to be loved by your guests and are a perfect pick me up for that sweet tooth during the reception.
    1. Mini bottles of hot sauce, olive oil, jam, or honey are the perfect condiment for a guest to complete their meal with. Plus, these bottles or jars can be customized with a custom label or photo of you as a couple!
    1. For the favour that quenches their thirst, get small bags of your favorite ground coffee, mini champagne bottles, or build your own cocktail with a mini bottle of your favorite alcohol and a shot glass. Your guests are sure to include in a toast your great taste in favours!
    1. If you know your guests love to travel, give them something practical like a luggage tag! Now we don’t recommend putting your names on these, but you could customize them with a favorite quote, or for smaller guest counts, customizing each one with your guests’ names and leave them at each place setting!
    1. If favours are in the cards for your wedding day, consider a custom pack of playing cards! Not only are these practical and fun, but they can be customized in so many ways from something as simple as your names and wedding date on the box or cards, to photos of you as a couple. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!
    1. The perfect match! While you may have found yours, help your guests find theirs. It’s a simple favour, but you never know when a box of matches will come in handy!
    1. If you and your guests plan to party hard, help nurse them back to health with a hangover rescue kit! Include the basics like a mini bottle of water, pain relief, and even some hair of the dog. Your guests will thank you later!
    1. With more couples including their furry friends in their wedding day celebrations, this favour is sure to be a hit. Alongside favours for the humans, have a station where guests can build their own (or have pre-prepared) doggy treat bags to take home to their pets!

    There really is an endless amount of options when it comes to how to thank your guests! What favours do you favour for your big day?