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  • Where to Start When Planning Your Wedding

    Getting engaged is always extremely exciting and most couples spend the first few days after the engagement celebrating and letting friends and family members know about the engagement. These first few days are extremely exciting. However, in no time at all the couple begins to realise the first question friends and family members ask after offering their congratulations is when the wedding will be. This is when the excitement over the engagement begins to wear off and the couple realises they need to start planning their wedding in earnest. However, this can be a very daunting task. As the couple starts to think about everything that is involved in the process of planning a wedding it is very easy to get overwhelmed. However, this does not have to be the case. This article will discuss the process of starting to plan a wedding.

    The first step in the process of planning a wedding is not to panic. It is very easy to get caught up in thinking there is no way you can handle planning a wedding but this is not true. Couples have been planning weddings for years and they are no more organized or more talented than you are. Even if planning events is not your strong suit, I promise you can pull this off. You may need a little more help than some people will need but you can do this.

    The problem most couples have when it comes to planning a wedding is they just don’t know where to start. They start thinking about all of the little details involved and have trouble prioritising the list of tasks they need to complete. The easiest way to solve this problem is to buy a book to assist you in planning your wedding. There are all kinds of books which you may find useful. Most couples really like using wedding planners which include timelines to assist you in the wedding planning process. These are structured like calendars but you can start them at any time of the year and work backwards from your wedding date to determine when you need to accomplish certain tasks. These types of planners let you know how soon before your wedding date each tasks should be accomplished. These planners also provide you with advice on where to begin and which tasks to complete first. Most wedding planners also provide you with areas for taking notes and storing receipts. Other types of books many couples use are more like textbooks and cover everything from creating a budge to etiquette and timelines to assist the couple in the wedding plans and preparations.

    Hiring a wedding planner to assist in the process of planning the wedding is the first step for those couples who feel as though books, websites and advice from family members will not be enough to help them plan their wedding the right way. Hiring a wedding planner can be expensive but if the budget allows for this luxury it can also help to eliminate a great deal of stress for the couple. The wedding planner can not only help to keep the couple organized and on schedule but can also make recommendations for locations and service providers. The wedding planner can also handle negotiations with service providers. This can result in a significant savings for the couple especially if the service providers are in the habit of offering discounts to the wedding planner based on the amount of business she brings to them. In some cases these discounts may even more than offset the price of hiring the wedding planner in the first place.

    Finally, when a couple first begins to start planning a wedding they have to consider whether or not they are open to input from friends and family members. This is important because the couple is likely to receive a great deal of unsolicited advice at this time. They have to decide whether they are open to this type of advice or whether they need to decide on a way to politely decline offers of advice and assistance. This may not sound significant but once the couple begins to get inundated with offers of advice and assistance they will realize how important it is to have a strategy for dealing with this in place.

  • Some of our fave wedding venues in regional Victoria

    Top Photo: Whites & Woods

    Katie Zac, our wedding planner who services Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo and Daylesford let us in on a few little secrets – 5 of her favourite wedding venues.

    If you’re planning a wedding in Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo or Daylesford you might want to check out her hand-picked list and insight!

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    The Baths, Sorrento

    Where the sun meets the sea. This venue is so breathtaking, with its large glass windows and the back drop of the water and all the small boats docked nearby behind it reminds me of an island wedding.

    The option of arriving on boat is one of the very awesome perks to this venue. It has its own jetty where the bride and groom can arrive and then celebrate their wedding with their first dance on the sand with their own spotlight. And when the sun is setting there would be no photo more romantic.

    The Epicurean, Red Hill

    Rustic Elegance. Not only do you get some of the best food at the Epicurean, you get an incredible venue.

    There’s a room full of wine barrels adorning one entire wall that makes for the perfect rustic photo backdrop.

    You can host your ceremony here as well as your celebration after.
    And once again you can’t go past good food and the epicurean serves an abundance of the best wedding venue food in a family style matter, cause lets face it, everyone becomes family on the day of a wedding.

    Lake House, Daylesford

    The picturesque views of the Lake house are just breathtaking. It has a somewhat country charm to it and a few rooms to cater to a wedding of any size and style.

    A wedding here only needs an emphasis on nature and local blooms to lift it to a magical space. And of course can’t go past the amazing award winning food at the Lake House.

    The Burrow, Hepburn Springs

    I’m a sucker for boho rustic weddings and the Burrow is the perfect event space to host one at. The gorgeous forest that the Burrow is in is full of gigantic oak trees, untouched spaces and nearby waterfalls that make for simplistic yet stunning photos with nature.

    Bendigo Town Hall, Bendigo

    The heart of Bendigo is only fitting to host an event where two hearts combine. It is such a grand wedding venue that brings a sophistication along with old time royalty to any event hosted here.

    Katie is our wedding planner in the Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo and Daylesford areas of Regional Victoria, although she’s regularly traveling for clients across Victoria. Travel costs will be advised with quotes. Darling Don’t Panic offers wedding planning, styling and on the day services in this area. Get pricing and check dates at our Get A Quote page to find out more.