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  • The Best Time to Book a Wedding Planner for a Local Wedding

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    Are you looking to book a wedding planner? Without further ado, allow us to tell you that the best time to hire one is as soon as possible. If there’s a way for you to pick your planner at least 12 months before your event, do so.

    Every couple understands that planning a wedding is not a walk in the park. While it’s exciting and fun, it also comes with many challenges. On your special day, you should be at your most beautiful and relaxed, and this can only happen when your wedding plan is well executed.

    Why Work With a Wedding Planner

    There are several important reasons why you should book a wedding planner, one of which is effective budget management. By this time, you probably know that hosting a wedding does not come cheap, therefore, you want to stay on budget. The planner’s job is to work with you to set a realistic budget and make sure you stick to it.

    Also, your planner will have a wedding planning timeline, which will help you stay on track. They will help you pick the right venue, conceptualize your theme, pick reliable vendors, and arrange your schedule from the planning stage to the day itself.

    For these reasons, you may wish to get a professional wedding planner early when thinking about your wedding. We know that some couples pick their venue first before looking for a planner, which is okay, although a planner can help you decide on what location works best with your vision. 

    A professional can help you stay on budget, keep the process organized, and ensure the event runs smoothly. If you want to find out more on how to book a wedding planner, browse our content or reach out to us. It’d be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have.

  • Getting The Best Help When Wedding Planning

    No wedding planning can make a perfect event without the help of the wedding planning. For some, it can be hard to find a perfect wedding planner before the big day itself. This is because the hectic schedule makes most couples not pay much attention to little details of the wedding proper and the reception after.

    If you and your soon-to-be wife is one of these couples who are cramming days before tying the knot, you might want to consider hiring the services of a wedding planer. A good wedding planning is at hand since wedding planners very much into intimacy and simplicity of concepts. And since you donít have enough time to be hands on to everything, getting help from a wedding planner will ensure that you will have a successful wedding planning that will lead to a smooth and wonderful wedding event.

    The best wedding event

    More and more people are becoming interested in hiring the services of wedding planner because their services speak of romance, simplicity, elegance, and practicality.

    Specializing in weddings and other parties, people who have tried the services offered by wedding planners would agree that their very momentous and special occasion would not have been possible and successful without the help of the firm’s staff.

    Most wedding planners are quite famous for creating perfect weddings for couples with different personalities. From the conceptualization to the actual implementation of the plans, wedding planners are very supportive and very hands on to ensure that the client gets the worth of what she or he’s paying.

    Upon arrival on the scheduled day of appointment, a staff with warm smiles and friendly gestures will welcome you. Once you are settled, the assigned personnel will then introduce the background of the company very briefly and will then proceed to the presentation of services they offer. Slowly but surely, the personnel will explain things to the client and will give them time to ponder upon the concepts presented.

    After presenting everything, the personnel will give you time to weigh the pros and cons of the services offered. One good thing about them is that they will give you enough time to consider their services and will not force or pressure you to commit on something that you have not decided yet.

    Experts say that what makes events prepared by wedding planners great is because these are truly unique in terms of exceptional creativity. Since they are authority in producing exceptional weddings at par with others, the breathtaking result is what makes people drawn to the services it offers. Wedding planners are also known to exercise their craftsmanship over the details of the most intimate wedding and the reception that follows after the stunning celebration.

    What makes wedding planners a big part of any wedding planning is because they have the ability of looking into details that reflect pleasure and joy to the couple to be wed and to the guests of the event. However, you donít always have to rely on the staff to make every detail of your event possible and successful. Make sure that you also pay hands-on attention to other details to ensure the success of your special day.

  • Where to Start When Planning Your Wedding

    Getting engaged is always extremely exciting and most couples spend the first few days after the engagement celebrating and letting friends and family members know about the engagement. These first few days are extremely exciting. However, in no time at all the couple begins to realise the first question friends and family members ask after offering their congratulations is when the wedding will be. This is when the excitement over the engagement begins to wear off and the couple realises they need to start planning their wedding in earnest. However, this can be a very daunting task. As the couple starts to think about everything that is involved in the process of planning a wedding it is very easy to get overwhelmed. However, this does not have to be the case. This article will discuss the process of starting to plan a wedding.

    The first step in the process of planning a wedding is not to panic. It is very easy to get caught up in thinking there is no way you can handle planning a wedding but this is not true. Couples have been planning weddings for years and they are no more organized or more talented than you are. Even if planning events is not your strong suit, I promise you can pull this off. You may need a little more help than some people will need but you can do this.

    The problem most couples have when it comes to planning a wedding is they just don’t know where to start. They start thinking about all of the little details involved and have trouble prioritising the list of tasks they need to complete. The easiest way to solve this problem is to buy a book to assist you in planning your wedding. There are all kinds of books which you may find useful. Most couples really like using wedding planners which include timelines to assist you in the wedding planning process. These are structured like calendars but you can start them at any time of the year and work backwards from your wedding date to determine when you need to accomplish certain tasks. These types of planners let you know how soon before your wedding date each tasks should be accomplished. These planners also provide you with advice on where to begin and which tasks to complete first. Most wedding planners also provide you with areas for taking notes and storing receipts. Other types of books many couples use are more like textbooks and cover everything from creating a budge to etiquette and timelines to assist the couple in the wedding plans and preparations.

    Hiring a wedding planner to assist in the process of planning the wedding is the first step for those couples who feel as though books, websites and advice from family members will not be enough to help them plan their wedding the right way. Hiring a wedding planner can be expensive but if the budget allows for this luxury it can also help to eliminate a great deal of stress for the couple. The wedding planner can not only help to keep the couple organized and on schedule but can also make recommendations for locations and service providers. The wedding planner can also handle negotiations with service providers. This can result in a significant savings for the couple especially if the service providers are in the habit of offering discounts to the wedding planner based on the amount of business she brings to them. In some cases these discounts may even more than offset the price of hiring the wedding planner in the first place.

    Finally, when a couple first begins to start planning a wedding they have to consider whether or not they are open to input from friends and family members. This is important because the couple is likely to receive a great deal of unsolicited advice at this time. They have to decide whether they are open to this type of advice or whether they need to decide on a way to politely decline offers of advice and assistance. This may not sound significant but once the couple begins to get inundated with offers of advice and assistance they will realize how important it is to have a strategy for dealing with this in place.

  • Boho-Chic Wedding Flowers for Free-Spirited Brides

    Your wedding bouquet is an essential part of your bridal look, as it gives you the chance to spice up your style with some colours and show your personality. There are many different types of bouquets, each complementing a different style of wedding. So, if you’re looking for a perfect bouquet for your boho-chic wedding, here are a few suggestions you should consider.

    The paper bouquet

    If you’re into whimsical, more playful side of boho style, consider the paper flower bouquet. Such bouquets are cute, chic, very artistic, and they allow you to express your creativity like no other bouquet. You can even integrate your favourite lyrics, quotes, or novel passages into the bouquet and make it that much more meaningful.

    The succulent bouquet

    If you’re interested in something a bit more alternative and unique, consider adding some succulents. They will give your bouquet an interesting texture, and they are great as central flowers, especially when surrounded by some greenery or simpler herbs. Choosing this type is a great way to add some edge to your bouquet.

    The wool bouquet

    If you’re planning on having your wedding in autumn or winter, the wool bouquet is the type for you. Go for crochet flowers, yarn balls, or pom-poms ‒ you have plenty of choices. Plus, one of the best things about it is that unlike with real flowers, you are not limited by what’s in season, so you can use any colours you want.

    The silk bouquet

    If you’re looking for something artificial that looks as close to the natural bouquets as possible, think about beautiful silk flowers that will surely match your boho-chic style. The silk bouquet can look very lifelike, and it will stay gorgeous all year round. You can also combine it with the button bouquet trend and add a couple of interesting buttons to the wrap for a more fun and less traditional look.

    The feather bouquet

    Feathers match the boho trend perfectly, and you can use them throughout your décor as well. For instance, you can hang dreamcatchers, add feathers to the invitations, and accessorise your menu with a couple of feathers. Just try to use wild feathers in natural colours, and you can combine them with wooden flowers, neutral blooms, and pinecones to emphasise the style.

    The dried flowers bouquet

    Bouquets made of dried flowers are also a great choice for the boho wedding. They are a bit less extravagant than the fresh flower bouquets, which makes them perfect for brides who want something that is not too overpowering. They can still be big and complicated, but they can also be as simple as a bunch of dried rye or lavender.
    There are many unique and amazing bouquet styles for every possible type of wedding. So, think about the theme of your wedding, the colours, and your own personality, and you will surely find the bouquet that will fit you and make your day even more special.

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  • Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways in Australia

    Australia is a country that covers 7,686,850 km2 (2,967,910 sq mi), and the length of its coastline is 25,760 km (16,006 miles). Furthermore, it is a country rich with amazing mountains, rainforests and lakes. It also doesn’t lack in beautiful and friendly urban environments, so it is obvious that honeymooners have plenty of places to go. This plenitude of choices at the same time poses a problem. How to choose the best of them all? We can’t pinpoint the best place for you, but we can surely narrow it down to several ones, and make your job much easier.

    The Whitsundays
    The Land Down Under is packed with amazing beach destinations, and Whitsunday Islands are definitely among the best ones for a romantic and exhilarating honeymoon. Of the 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays, only eight of them are inhabited, and while you can stay on one of those eight, you can still go to a desert island and enjoy it with your partner in total privacy. If you are up for a more active honeymoon, you can try snorkelling or scuba diving.

    Not all honeymooners want to spend the time of their lives on a picture-perfect beach. Some of them love the mystery of lush tropical forests, rugged mountains, green landscapes and besotting wildlife. Even though the rest of Australia doesn’t lack in these, Tasmania is the best place to truly satisfy your nature-loving serene getaway thirst. Some of the most fascinating places to visit here are Cradle Mountain, Marrawah, Grindelwald and Wineglass Bay.

    How do you imagine your honeymoon? Do you imagine yourself sipping beautiful wines with your loved one while sitting in a cottage and observing the beautiful sun-covered vineyards? Well, most couples do, because these are inherently romantic scenes everyone would love to be a part of. You can do all that in Barossa, and more. Besides wine tasting, you can try cycling, shopping, picnics, and heritage walk.

    What’s that? Visiting a big city on your honeymoon? No way. But when you think about it, Sydney has it all, from romantic secluded beaches and breathtaking views to gigantic shopping malls and world-class restaurants. However, if you are arriving from far away and you are flying to Australia, it can be a true hassle to get to the hotel from the airport. In that case, you should consider using the benefits of chauffeur airport transfers in Sydney. It’s your honeymoon and you don’t want any stressful situation to ruin your first impression of the most beloved city in Australia.

    Uluru offers one of a fascinating sunset in the world, which makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. Combine that with the legendary rock formation and you will get a picturesque scenery worth remembering. Here you can even spot the black-footed rock-wallaby and red kangaroo. You can choose to stay in the comfort of the resort, or leave that comfort zone and camp out under the stars.

    If you are up for a quiet and awe-worthy honeymoon, you should look no further than the natural wonder – Kimberley. The Tidal Rivers transformed the Kimberley plateau into a true wonderland of phenomenal landscapes, rugged mountains, and photo-worthy gorges and waterfalls. You can enjoy the view from your lodge or truly dive into nature by hiking, cycling and touring the national park. The three must-sees of this destination are the Horizontal Falls, the Mitchell Falls, and Cape Leveque.

    The Great Barrier Reef
    Don’t think we’ve forgotten about this iconic Australian attraction. The Great Barrier Reef is famous for its astonishing beauty. The world’s largest coral reef system is your dream getaway since it offers panoramic views of deep clear blue waters, water activities that include snorkelling and diving, and simple, relaxing time on the pristine white beaches. While here, you can splurge on lavish accommodation and visit Lizard Island, Wilson Island and Dunk Island.
    Not all couples in the world have the same vision of the perfect honeymoon. For some, that is a beach vacation, while for others, that is a wildlife experience. Australia offers something for everyone, so check out these destinations and see where you can picture your loved one and yourself enjoying your first days as a married couple.

  • Australian’s can now employ theatre and events producer, Jac Bowie, as their own wedding planner.


    Geelong, Victoria, 20th September 2017, Jac Bowie proudly announces the purchase of wedding styling and planning business ‘Oh Perfect Day’.

    The business has been rebranded to ‘Darling Don’t Panic’ “After 10 years as a theatre producer, developing, producing and bringing shows into Australia, I had a short hiatus in 2011, trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I had a wealth of experience in events, and was juggling a few short-term contracts at the time with Cirque Du Soleil, Mardi Gras, and by this time had held a few small networking events for women (which later would go on to become Business in Heels). I’d even worked as the tour manager for the controversial “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort.

    In the middle of all this, I found myself thinking about becoming a wedding planner. I toyed with the name One Perfect Day, and went about creating a Facebook page and the beginnings of a website. Unexpectedly, Business in Heels took off, and within 3 weeks of this idea, I was processing 15 branches of franchises for BIH.” Jac sold BIH to a franchisee in December 2014, and went on to embark on a few years in radio. Jac adds: “A year on air in Darwin, and then another year in digital management in Geelong. But I really struggled not working for myself. I was missing it.”

    In 2017, a small Geelong wedding planning business, Oh Perfect Day, came on the market, Jac grabbed the chance and purchased the business. She has rebranded it as Darling Don’t Panic. Jac says: “Darling Don’t Panic is the reincarnation of Oh Perfect Day. We took the beautiful aesthetics that previous owner Jane Lovejoy had worked so hard to create, but we’ve grown the business into something truly unique. I’m bringing my (rather eccentric) experience producing burlesque, cabaret, corporate events, entertainment, and applying this outlook to weddings.”

    The whole point of the business is to create something unique to the bride. Jac understands that no one wants a cookie cutter wedding. Jac concludes: “Along with the new outlook, we are now partnered with state-of-the-art planning software, Aisle Planner, so regardless of which package our clients book, they have access to an online tool that helps them with all aspects of the event planning process such as budgets, contacts, guest lists, seating plans and a fully collaborative Design Studio where our clients can not only upload their inspiration, but search and add more by type, theme or colour.”

    “Whatever it is that you need for your big day we will be there. To us, it does not matter who you are or what your background is. Rather it is how we can make two people happy on their special day. Our greatest wish is that you can spend the rest of your lives united. That is why Darling Don’t Panic fully supports marriage equality.”

    There’s also a FREE GUIDE, 12 Steps to Discover (& Get!) The Wedding You Want.

    Based out of both Melbourne & Geelong, Darling Don’t Panic is now servicing clients all over Victoria, and around Australia by request.

    Franchises are also available for talented event stylists and planners.