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  • How To Plan The Perfect Outdoor Wedding On A Budget

    Budget concerns can be one of the most prominent sources of disagreement for a couple in the process of planning their wedding. The couple may have different ideas about what type of wedding they want and also about what they can afford. It is important for the couple to discuss financial constraints before the wedding […]

  • How To Find The Best Caterer For Your Wedding

    The caterer has a very important role in your wedding. Therefore, you should take extra care in hiring the right caterer for you wedding day. Just like hiring any other vendor, you have to make your selection based on facts not feelings. The caterer may be an individual or a business. Even if the caterer […]

  • How To Look Good In Wedding Photographs

    The dress was beautiful, you got through the ceremony and reception without a hitch, but just when you thought your wedding was perfect, your pictures come back and you look awful. What can you do to make sure that your photos are as beautiful as the memories you have? Never scrimp on your photographer. Nobody’s […]

  • How To Find A Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

    So you’ve decided to get married in Las Vegas but you’re not sure how to find a cheap Las Vegas Wedding chapel? Thanks to the power of the internet, researching Las Vegas wedding chapels is a lot easier than it used to be. What sort of wedding ceremony do you want? You can have a […]

  • What You Need To Know If Your Dog Is On Your Guest List

    Inviting your family members to your wedding may seem like a given, but there’s one furry member of the family that is becoming more popular to be included on the guest list—your dog! If you’re thinking about including your four legged friend in your ceremony, keep reading to learn more about the things to make […]

  • Wedding Venues in the Sunshine Coast

    The Chapel Montville This is a gorgeous venue with breathtaking views of the Sunshine Coast from the Hinterland to the ocean! You’ll fall in love with the immaculate work within the Chapel itself – the stonework, the imported glass from Belgium and the stunning entrance making endless photo opportunities for the couple. Also, this venue […]

  • South Coast and Southern Highlands Venues

    Seacliff House Where the coast meets the country with a stunning landscape surrounded by nature. This venue is a blank canvas space to fit any styling brief which gives our couples imagination to fly and it can be adapted to suit all weather conditions. It also provides a wonderful onsite accommodation and easy access for […]

  • Wedding Venues in NSW North Coast

    Elizabeth Blyth, our wedding planner from NSW North Coast shared with some of her favourite venues in Newcastle and the Northern end of NSW The Greenhouse Eatery An exceptional team of hospitality professionals run your day with commitment and attention to detail at The Greenhouse. The venue is a one-stop shop with ceremony, photo locations/pre-dinner […]

  • Some of our fave wedding venues in regional Victoria

    Top Photo: Whites & Woods Katie Zac, our wedding planner who services Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo and Daylesford let us in on a few little secrets – 5 of her favourite wedding venues. If you’re planning a wedding in Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo or Daylesford you might want to check out her hand-picked list and insight! The […]