• How To Word Wedding Invitations

    Art, in general, is the appreciation of beauty. It implies order and harmony of parts in a given whole. Human life does not imply merely physical survival.

    It is a vocation towards the refinement of the spirit. Hence, the demands of daily life include and derive meaning from the cultivation of those traits that truly reflect man’s innate dignity. In this context, ethics is considered an art. However, there are art forms that are different from those that are considered as ethical

    For this reason, certain actions of man must be in proportionate to the ethical standards as dictated by man’s innate dignity. One of which is how we should use words in different functions.

    Take fore example the wordings in a wedding invitation. Careful use of words and establishing them correctly is very crucial in wedding invitations. This is because wedding invitation are the first-hand symbol of the wonderful celebration that is about to take place.

    Any misused, abused, or unethical choice of words may result to misunderstandings or misinterpretations between and among the guests. Generally, wedding invitation wording should be clearly established to avoid confusions and misconception. There are instances were words may have several meanings depending on how it is used in a sentence.

    Moreover, the wordings must accurately define the details of the wedding like the date, the exact time, and the place where the wedding ceremony will take place. These things should be clearly stated because there are cases wherein most guests directly assume that once they are invited, it means that they are asked to attend to the wedding ceremony and the reception.

    However, there are some weddings that the couple would usually invite people just for the reception. In this case, the couple has decided to make the wedding very private and that they only want their immediate relatives present during the ceremony. The guests are asked to attend on the reception already. Hence, to avoid confusion and delusion, it is best to carefully state in the invitation the purpose of the invitation.

    On the other hand, wedding invitation wordings may also vary depending on certain circumstances that the couple has no control of. An example is the concept of who paid for the wedding. In this instance, it is best to choose words that would pay respect to the party whom the recognition is due but should also be made in conformity with the ethical standards, in which the feelings of the other party should be considered also.

    For example, if in case that the bride’s parents are the ones who had paid for the wedding, then, the wordings on the wedding invitation should state that it is the bride’s parent s who are requesting for the presence of the guests. Alternatively, the setting of the wedding should also be considered when establishing the wedding invitation wording.

    If the wedding is informal and will only take place in a home, then it is best to replace the usual words being used in formal invitations to a more casual tone but still with respect. Boiled down, any kind of wordings will do when making wedding invitations a long as the words are in conformity to the ethical standards set by the society and as patterned on the innate dignity of man. Best of all, the details of the wedding should be clearly stated, otherwise, the wedding invitation will definitely lose its main purpose.

  • How to Make Great Wedding Invitations Yourself

    A female hand holding a wedding invitation in a pink envelope. Pink flowers in the background and part of the woman’s shoes and dress.

    First impressions are important! Think about it. The first impression a friend has of what kind of wedding you will have is the little card that comes in the mail: the wedding invitation. If you want your wedding to be impressive, you must have a nice invitation.

    However, the budget of most weddings is usually taken up by the few expensive items, like the photographer and the caterer, while the invitations are left by the wayside.

    Alright, nice invitations are a must, but who has the money for those? The reality is, cheap and discount wedding invitations don’t have to be poor quality, quarter-fold deskjet material anymore.

    You can print non-streaking, nice looking invitations with a recent model printer and computer software that is relatively inexpensive. If you want a more modern invitation, with images, downloading clipart is a good way to go (clipart.com or google images). For a more formal look, pictures and clipart aren’t required, use any computer program or online templates.

    First of all you’ll need card stock paper or something similar. Don’t use ordinary inkjet paper, as it is flimsy and feels cheap. For paper styles, use Vellum, Deluxe Parchment, Strathmore Natural White, Strathmore White, Laid Natural White, Laid White–something that feels heavy and sits well in your hand .

    Colored papers can be used as well, as a secondary matte behind the invitation and they can be tied together with white ribbon. The matte should be thicker than the paper on top of it.

    Secondly, choose the proper wording for your sort of occasion (see our wedding template). Choose a font, downloadable off the internet, or one of the many choices on your card making program or word processor. Then, center the writing on the page for a formal look.

    A border helps keep a collected feel, but is not necessary. Gold or silver borders are appropriate, but would require special stationery. Black is fine. Think about adding creative touches, such as a video CD, hand made paper, or an engagement photo–being unique is one of the advantages of making your own wedding invitations.