With experienced and talented wedding planners based in many locations around Australia, Bali, Canada, New Caledonia, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, our team work with amazing couples all around the world and offer destination wedding planning in the location of your choice. 

Whether you wanting help from the initial stages of planning your wedding, virtual planning assistance from wherever you are or you’ve become overwhelmed and need help to finish the planning, we are here to assist you in executing your vision – flawlessly.

We plan, design, finalise, and ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful time on your special day!

The driving force behind the company is event producer Jac Bowie.

For over 18 years, Jac has worked in the event planning industry, building strong relationships with suppliers and venues right across Australia and beyond – and has personally trained all DDP planners.


As a team we believe there is no event too big or too small to plan and coordinate. Nor do we think one event package fits all – hence our recent change to a custom and bespoke service.

We work with you to customise a curated service that captures the specifics of what you want for your upcoming wedding.

You can rest assured that your event will be personalised, top-notch quality, and spectacular.

And on the day of your event, our team steps quietly into the background so you can sparkle in the spotlight—thanks to our meticulous preparation.

The best way to find out if we are the perfect fit is to fill download our Information Pack or if your date is really important – we advise getting a quote online from our site as soon as you can.  We’ll work out a bespoke quote based on your needs and location within 24hours.

Our service options are best summarised as….


Before The Event

Wedding Styling & Planning:
Sourcing, negiotating and liasing with suppliers
– whether visual and/or logistics.


On The Day

Event Coordination
Setting up your event just as you want it 
– or complete management of your day.

Get to know Owner & Head Planner, Jac Bowie.

During my 10 years as a theatre producer, I became a master of producing high-impact and seamless productions and I’ve loved applying these skills to weddings. 

I brought West End shows into Australia (including the famous Hurly Burly Show) and also worked for iconic organisations such as Cirque Du Soleil, Spiegelworld, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and bought exhibitions “to life” for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, and was Tour Manager for the controversial Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

I’ve meticulously produced over 500 events and now I lead a team of 20 talented wedding planners who are highly skilled and passionate about creating a stress free, unforgettable event that feels like you, will make your heart swoon and leave you and all your guests in awe. Our team are experts at taking the stress away and allowing you to soak every every precious moment.

See what our wonderful couples have to say…

Every client gets access to our state-of-the-art event planning tool. 

Some of the great features include:


  • Detailed checklist of every task from the first day of planning to event.
  • Timeline builder for the day
  • Design studio to upload and find new inspiration via colour, category
  • Guest management including free RSVP & messaging service to guest emails.
  • Table setting and catering tools
  • Access to our private book of preferred suppliers and room to add your own
  • Budget tool that self adjusts of the total amount you set & sends due date reminders.
  • Free wedding website for venue, transport information and gift registry details.

Frequently Asked Questions:

At what point should I book my planner?

It's funny, we get a great deal of initial enquiries from brides who then "disappear" with their enquiry pack, only to come back later in the planning process and find we are booked out- or even still, they've paid too much or booked the wrong suppliers.

The best way is to get in touch early. We are more than happy to jump on a free consultation and give you some free advice.

We'd actually love to squash the common misconception that a planner is a luxury and something to book down the track of the journey.  A good planner should actually make your budget work harder and save you money!

Do your prices include the hire of decor items?

No and no. We are planners. We don’t have an inventory of items that are available to utilise. We definitely guide our clients down the design path and align them with professionals that will be able to create the overall vision (florists, rental companies, etc.) - that is our job for sure.

Do you offer "Day Of Coordination"?

Yes we do. We set you up in Aisle Planner so you get full access to the same tools we use to plan a wedding and then when it comes to 14 days before your event, we will meet up and complete a "handover". This meeting includes the creation of your on the day Timeline of events, and soon after, your planner will reach out to all of the suppliers you've booked and introduce herself as the new contact from there.

We find this period is really important as at this point all suppliers have a clearer idea of their movements that weekend, and will often come back with tougher logistical questions - which your planner is skilled at answering and working out. 

Your planner will then manage your event on the day for either 6hrs or 8hrs depending on your needs for the day.

We don't believe in offering a service where the planner just turns up for the day without any prior involvement. It's impossible to deliver an event that way that matches our client’s (and our) expectations and reputation.

This is the base service we offer.

Do you have any payment plans available?

We have 3 payment options available to clients:

  1. 100% payment upfront and enjoy a 5% discount.
  2. 50% deposit and pay as you like with balance due by 60 days before event
  3. $500 deposit and direct debit weekly / monthly until paid in full 60 days before event. Weddings over 3K only.
My venue has a function manager. Do I need a wedding planner as well?

Venue coordinators and function managers can be very helpful to the planning process. However, their involvement is always limited to venue-related tasks. Depending on the agreement you have with the venue, they are likely to assist you with areas like food and wine packages and selection, wait and bar staff management and basic set table set up. Some might offer a list of recommended suppliers, however these suppliers are not selected on your behalf or with your individual dreams and requirements in mind.

Ultimately, a coordinator works for the venue rather than for you.

A wedding planner or stylist goes well beyond this. DDP works for you and has your best interests in mind. We can help you with every element of your day, ensuring a cohesive event from start to finish. From styling and full coordination through to advising and working with your venue manager to ensure everything runs to schedule, we do it all. We are also well placed to match you with the best vendors and suppliers that best suit you and what you really want.

Isn’t a wedding planner a bit unnecessary/indulgent and only for big budget weddings?

Attended or seen a fabulous wedding lately? Odds are, the happy couple had professional help. Wedding planners and stylists are not just for the rich and famous. More and more couples are realising that to achieve the wedding they want, they need experts to make it happen.

Plus, apart from being able to help you to stay on budget, negotiate better prices and make your precious dollars go further, we can help to ensure that all that time, money and effort you have put into your wedding is worth it. A wedding is a huge investment, and when you think that you could spend anywhere from $20,000-$100,000+ on your day, it seems a little illogical not to make sure that everything you have been working on and saving for actually turns out the way you want it.

Compared to most wedding budgets, a planner is a relatively small investment and arguably one of the most important. If you want to wing it, that’s totally ok. Plenty of couples go it alone. You just need to consider whether or not you want to maximise the opportunity for you to enjoy every moment of your day, have the wedding you really want and minimise potential for issues or hiccups. Remember, there’s no second chances when it comes to your wedding day.

Darling Don't Panic is more expensive than some planners, why should we pick you?

Price is important - but quality is even more important. We will always provide our services at a level that matches the price our clients are paying - and more. We are not the most expensive and we are not the least expensive. So, if price is the most important factor when selecting a planner, we probably are not the right people for the job!

If I book a free consultation with Darling Don't Panic, am I under any further obligation

No – your first consultation with DDP is always complimentary and completely obligation free. At the end of the consultation you can choose whether you would like us to secure your date, which can be done with payment in full (small discount applies) or you can just leave a 50% deposit and pay off the rest before your event.

How long does it really take to plan a wedding?

The average time it takes to plan a wedding is around 200 – 250 hours. That’s 6 weeks of full time work!  If you want something extraordinary, something chock full of gorgeous details you will need to spend at least that many hours if not more. And, if you’re planning your big day in a marquee or empty space, and you don’t have any previous event planning experience, plan for 300+ hours at a minimum. Don’t worry though, DDP can create a downright fabulous occasion for you.

We have the skills, experience, contacts and commitment to ensure your perfect day actually happens (and it won’t take us 200 hours to do it).

I don’t know what I want - I’m totally overwhelmed – should I get in touch?

Yes. In fact, we would recommend it. So many couples (let’s be honest, mostly brides) waste precious time confused and overwhelmed while they jump from one idea to the next and try to find some kind of clarity and direction.

Don’t panic – not knowing what you want or how you’re going to achieve it is completely normal. The sooner you get in touch with us the sooner we can help you to get all those ideas and options and sort them into a concept that feels like it fits. Once you have your direction clear, everything will become instantly easier.

Can you absolutely guarantee nothing will go wrong on the day?

While we’re great at what we do, there are some things even we can’t control. We can’t control the weather, stop your relative from drinking a little too much or ensure a baby doesn’t cry during your ceremony.What we can guarantee is that every potential issue or hiccup that can be prevented or planned for will be. We will have your wet weather plan ready to implement, a spare place setting set up in no time for the relative that unexpectedly turns up and cooling on hand for your marquee when the weather gets warm. Anything that does go wrong will be dealt with quickly, professionally and usually without the bride and groom even noticing.

My family, friends and/or bridesmaids want to help – can you include them somehow?

Weddings are not only about the couple but also the people they love. We encourage you to get your family and friends involved wherever you feel comfortable doing so.

When we first sit down with you to work out how and where we can help, we will talk to you about the ‘team’ you have around you and what areas you potentially see them assisting with. We are also experts at involving grooms (if that’s something you and your groom would like to discuss).

My family/friends want to plan my day for me – is this a good idea?

Some couples have family and friends around them that operate like a well-oiled wedding planning machine. Giving support where it’s required, offering appropriate, well-timed and insightful advice, listening to your ideas and your vision and working towards your perfect day without any personal agenda involved.

These couples may very well exist; however, unfortunately, we’ve never met them.

Jokes aside, it’s all too common for well-meaning family and friends to inadvertently make the planning process somewhat harder for the couple. Your wedding is a really big deal and it’s normal for everyone you love to shower you with enthusiastic input and opinions.

Unfortunately, their over-excitement or personal ideas of what a wedding ‘should’ be tend to get in the way of what you really want. Often, ideas offered don’t necessarily feel right for you and can leave you more confused and overwhelmed than before.

There’s a million ways your loved ones can be helpful and involved and including them in the process is super important.

However, in our experience having an expert on side with the sole objective of ensuring that you have the wedding you want can be very handy. It’s particularly useful when you’re thrown an idea that you simply don’t want to go with – it’s much easier to explain your reasoning when you have an impartial expert on your side!

Does Darling Don't Panic only use certain vendors & suppliers?

We have lots of fantastic contacts within the wedding industry and that means we can suggest and match you with suppliers and vendors that are your perfect fit.

We only work with the best and there are some businesses that we often recommend because we know them, trust them and are familiar with the quality of their work.

However, our top priority is delivering to you the wedding you want. If that means searching high and low for that elusive vendor or supplier that offers something completely new and unique we will do so and if you have ideas or preferences we will investigate them too.

When suggesting vendors or suppliers to you we always give you several options and quotes to choose from, and a full breakdown of how each does or doesn’t meet your requirements, so you make the final decision.

Does Darling Don't Panic have any special relationships with suppliers where Darling Don't Panic benefits?

Absolutely not. We receive no payment for recommendation or referrals from any suppliers or vendors. Some vendors and suppliers do offer our clients a discount if you are referred to them by DDP and that discount is given directly to you.

We do work with some vendors and suppliers on a regular basis, because we know they are the best of the best and will deliver incredible results for our clients. However, we are not locked into a relationship with any one business.

What kind of couples do you work with best?

We love couples who are in love. Yes, that sounds way too obvious, we know. What we mean by that is that weddings that are about celebrating the love and commitment shared between two people first and foremost are our favourites, because these weddings tend to be the most personal, meaningful and fun occasions.

We also love couples who want their wedding to stand out from the rest. Couples who say no to following rules that don’t feel like them and want a day that reflects who they really area.

We don’t enjoy weddings that are a copy of the same old wedding day everyone you have ever known has had and has no personal meaning to you as a couple. That’s not to say we want all weddings to be completely outrageous, we love classic and elegant as well, it just means that the weddings we love the most are the weddings with heart.

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